Pyrolysis Processing of Polymer Waste Components of Electronic Products

The recycling of ABS plastic as a component of electronic and electrical equipment waste by the method of low-temperature pyrolysis is shown and substantiated as well as obtaining alternative sources of energy: pyrolysis liquid, gas mixture, and pyrocarbon. The main components of electronic and electrical equipment waste, which consists of plastic and refractory oxides, along with copper and iron compounds, were analyzed. The composition of precious, toxic, rare, basic metals, and plastic waste is given.

Граматика мови опису завдань на генерування баз даних

Засобами алгебри секвенційних алгоритмів описано розроблені синтаксис і семантику мови опису завдань на створення бази даних.

By means of sequential algebra algorithms described are designed syntax and semantice describing tasks on a database.

Microcosmos in natural and legal education: metapedagogical technologies

The scientific article discloses certain methodological aspects of the metaphysical pedagogy of natural and legal education of the microcosm. In particular, relevant pedagogical technologies of legal education, training and development of the microcosm in the micro-legal field, which is part of the macro-legal field, were investigated.

Planning the costs of ensuring the quality parameters of the enterprise’s products in the conditions of foreign economic activit

The problems of cost planning for ensuring the quality parameters of the enterprise's products in the conditions of foreign economic activity are investigated. The reasons for the introduction of key principles of quality management in the technology of planning costs to ensure the quality parameters of products are identified. Recommendations for the introduction of assortment policy planning based on the gradation of costs and quality parameters of products at the enterprise in the conditions of foreign economic activity are formed.

Modern technologies of automation of warehouse activities of enterprises

The article is devoted to the study of new technologies in warehouses; the essence of the “distribution channel” is considered through the analysis of the definitions of this term by various authors; the difference between the supply channel, the goods movement channel and the distribution channel was analyzed; the main changes and problems in the field of distribution over the past few years have been identified; describes the most innovative technologies for digitalization of warehouses.


The alabaster font from the Dormition Church in Lviv was sent to the
restoration in 2019. For a long time it served as a flowerbed, it was whitewashed several times,
split into two parts and fastened with a metal wire. The article describes the conservation state
of the object, presents the results of petrographic and thermal analysis of alabaster of the font
basin. The study found that the main problem of cleaning is the removal of carbonized lime
incrustation. The experimental studies on the effect on alabaster of various means of cleaning


The article analyzes the scientific works devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the alabaster sculptural plastic restoration in three thematic groups: 1) the terminological meaning of the alabaster stone name; 2) mineralogy, the quarries and the stone-working areas of the alabaster stone; 3) preservation and restoration of the sculptural plastic of the alabaster stone. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, monographs give the terminological meaning of the name. In particular, the works by Bilets'kyi V. (2004), Bulda S. (1930), Polishchuk V. (2002), Voloshynets' V.

The vision of technology's effect upon human being in the context of the development of artificial inteligence (Review of Max Tegmark’s Book “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”[Ukrainian language edition], 432 p. Kyiv, 2019)

The book “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” was considered in the review. This book was the first translated into Ukrainian language and originally written by American mathematic, physicist – Max Tegmark (Professor, MIT).  The author explains the wide problem field related to the appearance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He describes transformations which threaten human himself and the whole world as a result of creating AI. Humankind can lose its special status of an intelligent creature.

Conceptualisation of notions “model” and “modelling” in scientific studies

Some particular aspects of modeling method in scientific research have been outlined in the article. Philosophic maxims on which the model concept is based were suggested. The generalized model definition, its characteristics and typology were represented in the article

Possibility of mobile geophysical technologies during oil and gas prospecting and exploration

The mobile geophysical technology include a special method of the remote sensing data processing and interpreting, aerial mapping method of the forming short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF), method of vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS). Inclusion of such technologies in traditional complex of exploration geological-geophysical methods will promote both minimization of the financial expenses on the oil-and-gas exploration problems solving, and essential reduction of time for their practical realization.