Optimization of Isocratic Ion Chromatography Methods for Simultaneous Inorganic Anions and Carboxylic Acids Determination

As a part of preliminary studies, the possibility of quantitative oxidation of aldehydes to carboxylic acids and their determination by isocratic ion chromatography with conductometric detection has been tested.


The article investigates and analyzes the validation and verification of measurement methods in the clinical diagnostic laboratory. The content and features of validation and verification are revealed. Measurement methods are considered in detail. Each direction of validation and verification of measurement methods is analyzed. The difference between validation and verification is substantiated. Measuring systems are increasingly used in the laboratories of the clinical sector. This means that the responsibility for validation lies mainly with the manufacturer.


 In the article, both the test method features and the test results of research of thermal behavior of steel fragment were analyzed. Two types of test conditions for steel construction material were considered. The definition and main features of measurement techniques were presented. Fire retardant material test results for steel plates with hydrogen combustion shown the limit of fire resistance of the tested samples is more than 30 min. The main advantages and disadvantages of the test were determined. The positive and negative aspects of this approach were analyzed.

Systematic Mapping Study on Verification and Validation of Industrial Third-party Iot Applications

The next industrial revolution commonly known as Industry 4.0 represents the idea of interconnected manufacturing, where intelligent devices, systems and processes exchange information, resources and artifacts to optimize the complete value-added chain and to reduce costs and time-to- market. Industrial software ecosystems are a good example how the latest digitalization trends are applied in the industry domain and how with the help of industrial IoT applications the production process can be optimized.

Amateur sports games internet portal features analysis

The aim is the development of social networking Web portal for building not only social activities and ties, but also for the development and promotion of active lifestyle among people at all ages and status. The key objectives of the information system development through building of an objective tree have been identified. UML modeling of the system was fulfilled by building of diagrams such as: USE CASE, SEQUENCE, STATECHART, DEPLOYMENT, also the problem and tasks have been set.