Formation the national idea as a basis for prevention of development of corruption in ukrainian society

The article analyzed the concept of national idea as the basis for the formation of national identity, and a factor preventing the development of corruption in Ukraine. The author substantiated that the national idea — a strategic goal, which is formed historically and aims to unite the country into a single nation, forms a single coordinate of values.

Reffering to the Life and Work of Roman Ingarden (Review of the collective monograph “Philosophy of Roman Ingarden and the Modernity”. Ed. by Dm. Shevchuk. Ostroh: Publishing House of the National University “Ostroh Academy”, 2021)

The content and main issues of the collective monograph “Philosophy of Roman Ingarden and Modernity” edited by Dmytro Shevchuk, issued on materials of the International Conference, which took place in Lutsk at the National University “Ostroh Academy”. In this monograph covered the views and fundamental problems of the famous Polish philosopher in the field of ontology, epistemology, anthropology, axiology, philosophy of literature. We can assume that the authors of the monograph managed to achieve the goal: outlined the significance of R.


The results of scientific research concerning features of regional news of Luhansk and Donetsk regions are examined in this article as well as empirical analysis of possibilities of TV channels of beforementioned regions and monitoring of expectations of recipients who live on the edge between the territories occupied by Russia and the territories under control of Ukraine.

The role of national consciousness phenomenon in the state-legal space

The article analyzes the problem of national identity value for the state-legal space. It’s positioned that consciousness of separate individual creates views, ideas, feelings about current or desired law, state, social and governmental processes. In state-government activities – national consciousness of the individual affects not only on the individual level, but also generates comprehensive national mass intentions.

American identity: global dimension

The article attempts to analyze the perception of American identity and its international importance through ethnic, religious, political, legal, and economic components. It is determined that ethnically modern America is formed by assimilation of the indigenous population and immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. as they contributed to the formation of many political, social, constitutional and religious institutions of the new country, the definition of American identity and values.

Knowledge, values and human dignity

The article analyses traditional philosophical topic – the correlation between knowledge and values. Based on this review, not only the author's version of the interpretation of values is provided, but their new division into the “dignitive” and “valuative" values. The main methods of the research are system-structural and comparative ones. The method of phenomenological analysis is used as well.