Family violence: problems of counterfeater

Problems of combating domestic violence are considered. It is noted that the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention and Counteraction to Domestic Violence" establishes a comprehensive approach to combating domestic violence. According to the law, the list of specially authorized bodies in the field of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence is exhaustive. 

Legal status of the jury institute in criminal judicial procedure

The article analyzes the legal status of the jury in the criminal proceedings of Ukraine. It is noted that after gaining independence, the justice system of Ukraine is in fact in a state of constant reform. As a result of the 2016 reform, amendments were made to the Constitution of Ukraine on justice, and a new version of the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” was adopted.

Features of preparation for interrogation of a victim  of fraud

The article examines the features of preparation for interrogation of a victim of fraud, the  essence of forensic aspects of activities during preparation for interrogation of the victim, the  dependence of the content of this process on the type of crime, the investigative situation, the time  between interrogation and interrogation.

The issue of classification of participants in criminal proceedings and authorized to support an indictment in court

The issues of participants in criminal proceedings, authorized support of the prosecution in court are defined. СPC of Ukraine to the party of criminal proceedings - from the prosecution included the investigator, the interrogating officer, the head of the pre-trial investigation body, the head of the body of inquiry, the prosecutor, as well as the victim, his representative and a legal representative in cases established by CPC of Ukraine is analyzed.

Characteristics of the criminal crime law in Kievan Rus

The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the legal status of the victim
under criminal law of Kievan Rus. The features of socio-demographic qualities of the victim of
the crime have been determined. Fixed in the criminal law of Kievan Rus features of the social
role of the victim. Attention is paid to the legal status of the victim and the peculiarities of
compensation for his harm.

Protection of victim’s rights at the pre-trial investigation stage

The features of the protection of the victim’s rights during the pre-trial investigation are
considered. The victim is a party to the criminal proceedings, which is central. Ukraine is
proclaimed a democratic, rule of law state and directs its activities on the basis of
constitutional principles, in particular, a person is recognized as of the highest social value, and
criminal proceedings should ensure and protect this basic concept and orientation of the state’s
activity in the field of “human rights protection”. The legal mechanism of protection of the

The issue of crime prevention in relation to migrants in the decisions of the 12th United Nations Сongress on Combating Crime and Criminal Justice 2010

In 2010, the 12th United Nations Congress on Combating Crime and Criminal Justice was held in Salvador, Brazil. The agenda for the discussion included eight issues, among them issues related to criminal justice measures to combat the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings and 139 links to transnational organized crime, as well as crime prevention and criminal justice measures to combat violence against migrants, migrant workers and members of their families.

Mobbing: concept, essence and issues of criminalization

The article is devoted to the analysis of actions related to the psychological (moral)
persecution of an employee, that is, from the so-called mobbing Typically, mobbing may have
the purpose of forming an employee underestimating their own professional skills, which may
result in the actual inability to effectively perform their professional functions and often
subordination of his will to others (adaptation to the situation), or the emergence of mental or
psychosomatic illnesses. Currently, there is no special rule in Ukraine that would regulate the

Conciliation with a victim as a measure for administrative offences prevention

The article deals with the main issues of the reconciliation between guilty person and a victim of an administrative offence. The author of an article suggests his vision towards the application of the reconciliation, in specified by Ukrainian legislation cases, as one of the preventive measures of influence in order to educate the citizens to be fair and law-abiding under different circumstances.