The role of religious organizations in ensuring the right to a safe life and health environment

: 99-105

Chornopyska V., Malysh M.
"The role of religious organizations in ensuring the right to a safe life and health environment"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Educational and scientific institute of law, psychology, and innovation education

The article substantiates the role of religious organizations in ensuring the right to a safe environment for life and health, analyzes their activities and identifies ways to legally regulate their participation in environmental policy. The task of religious organizations in the field of environmental protection is, first of all, to motivate their adherents to treat the environment responsibly, to educate them in environmental awareness, which is a component of high morality. That is, through religious consciousness to develop in man an important motivational element of preserving the environment as God's Creation.
It is proved that religious organizations are open to cooperation with public authorities, civil society and society in the field of environmental protection and environmental issues. In many respects, they are only at the stage of studying the positive experience of cooperation between religious organizations and secular institutions in Western Europe in preserving the environment and establishing environmental management of churches, but does not diminish their important role in ensuring the right to a safe and healthy environment. Today, the negative impact of humanity on the environment has reached a critical level, and therefore all religious organizations and government institutions must immediately join forces and direct them to address the environmental crisis that threatens to become a global catastrophe.

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