Reform of management system of enterprise in the information society

Received: October 20, 2016
Accepted: October 20, 2016
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The paper develops the theoretical principles of building organizational structure of management. The reasons were analyse for the development of new organizational structures in conditions of mass of corporate networking businesses.  Shown that the effective operation of the business in the conditions of intensive development network environment should draw the appropriate organizational structure of management. Particular attention was drawn to create branched horizontal communication and concentration professional capacity of enterprises in key units of its management system. To ensure sustainable development of enterprises need to update its harmonious multi-organizational structure. Organizational management structure is the basis for administrative relations in the enterprise. The production management system represents a process control device. Structure of responsibility centres provides professional management's concentration in a narrow application areas of the enterprise. Structural shell acts as a business agent network to maximize the full market penetration. Information infrastructure acts as a catalyst for technology development and knowledge sharing. Formed the main directions of improvement of management methods in accordance with the development of management system. Principles of management enterprise need to agree with the dynamics of economic development in Ukraine. Such organizational transformation directed transformation of domestic enterprises in innovative advanced overtaking

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