Features method of content analysis of text data array web-resources within the region

: pp. 296 - 320
Chyrun L., Kuchkovskiy V., Vysotska V.

Lviv Polytechnic National University

In the paper the method of integrated processing of heterogeneous information resources web-systems is described. This method is based on the model of data description as a coherent combination of data values, rules of data representation, interpretation rules and data structure. The method involves decomposition of general process into subprocesses of data values integration, data syntax integration, semantics and structure integration. The advantage of this approach is that the integration process can be performed at data metascheme level. It allows to reduce the number of access operation to very large data sets of web-systems. In the given article content lifecycle model in electronic commerce systems is proposed. The model describes the processes of information resources processing in the electronic content commerce systems and simplifies the content automation management technology. In the paper the main problems of e-commerce and content function management services are analyzed. The method of commercial content management as the content life cycle stage in electronic commerce systems is proposed. The method of commercial content management describes the information resources forming in electronic content commerce systems and automation technology that simplifies the commercial content management. The main problems of electronic content commerce and functional services of commercial content management are analyzed. The proposed method gives an opportunity to create an instrument of information resources processing in electronic commerce systems and to implement the subsystem of commercial content management. The article discusses the development of unified methods and software tools for processing information resources in the Internet systems. A new approach to application and implementation of business processes is formulated for the construction of these systems. The methods and software tools of content and information resource processing are developed.

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