Methods and Means of Distance Learning for the Modern Youth Promotion and Involvement to Independent Scientific Research Conducting

: pp. 254 - 284
Natalya Shakhovska, Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun

Natalya Shakhovska - 1, Victoria Vysotska - 1, Lyubomyr Chyrun - 2

  1. Information Systems and Networks Department, E-mail:, Victoria.A.
  2. Software Department, Lviv Polytechnic National University, S. Bandery Str., 12, Lviv, 79013, UKRAINE, E-mail:

New information, telecommunication technologies contribute to the optimization in the management of studies. This paper is devoted to the implementation of innovative approaches to improving the curriculum of higher education. The method of finding and attracting students including girls for scientific and practical work through and their participation at team competitions and joint Interuniversity scientific-practical projects are proposed. This work has considered a problem of distance education and involvement in her adaptive learning system. Improving scientific literacy of students by finding innovative solutions to address the problems of projects are proposed. Simplify the process of obtaining a scientific career for interuniversity projects participants. The questions of mathematical models of processes of distance education (remote training) are highlighted in this article. Creation of the integrated net oriented informational-educational environment is based on them. The indicated questions are actual in connection with implantation of technologies of distance learning and inextricably related with didactic and methodological aspects of the educational process.