data mining

Use of Data Mining in the prediction of risk factors of Type 2 diabetes mellitus in Gulf countries

Prevalence of diabetes in Gulf countries is knowing a significant increase because of various risk factors, such as: obesity, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and smoking.  The aim of our proposed study is to use Data Mining and Data Analysis tools in order to determine different risk factors of the development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in Gulf countries, from Gulf COAST dataset.

Інтелектуальні компоненти інтегрованих автоматизованих систем управління для енергетичних систем

Досліджено особливості інтелектуальних компонент інтегрованих автоматизо- ваних систем управління. Розглянуто створення інтелектуальної компоненти ІАСУ для енергетичних систем. Запропоновано нейромережні методи прогнозування споживання електроенергії підприємством на основі машини геометричних перетворень. Наведено результати проведених експериментів.

Classification of methods for the big data analytics

This article describes the features of classification methods and technologies, analytics Big data. Described group of methods and technologies, analytics Big data that are graded according to the functional relationships and formal model of information technology. The problem of the definition of ontology concepts analytics Big data.

Methods and Means of Distance Learning for the Modern Youth Promotion and Involvement to Independent Scientific Research Conducting

New information, telecommunication technologies contribute to the optimization in the management of studies. This paper is devoted to the implementation of innovative approaches to improving the curriculum of higher education. The method of finding and attracting students including girls for scientific and practical work through and their participation at team competitions and joint Interuniversity scientific-practical projects are proposed. This work has considered a problem of distance education and involvement in her adaptive learning system.

Some methods in software development recommendation systems

This article analyzes the current state of the models and methods of building recommendation systems. The basic classes of problems that solve the recommendation system are highlighted. The features of the method collaborative filtering are shown. Developed a method for calculating the similarity coefficients, taking into account the sparseness of ratings vectors of goods and people.

Fuzzy Model for Recommender Systems

The paper analyzes the current state of development and application of recommendation systems, models and methods of construction of recommendation systems. It is shown that the most widely used method came into collaborative filtering. The method of fuzzy clustering is developed, which improves the accuracy of predicting ratings of products.

Застосування засобів інтелектуального аналізу даних для прогнозування використання земельних ресурсів

This article describes the procedures of data mining based on prediction of time series for land cadastre data. Principles, required for the development of the method of forecasting using time series are examined. Mathematical model for serious prediction is developed. The task of prediction of land resources used in Striy District Lviv Region is technically realized.

Застосування кластерного аналізу для опрацювання даних земельного кадастру

Procedures of data mining based on prediction of time series for land cadastre data are described in this article. Principles required for the development of the method of forecasting using time serious are examined. Mathematical model is developed. The task of predicting land resources use in Striyskyi Park in Lviv is technically realized.