Analysis state investment competition in Ukraine


Lipych L.G. , Chornukha I.V.

The article reveals the essence of investment competition and presents research of macroenvironment of enterprises of construction industry. Proved that attracting investment in the development of the national economy stands pressing issue today, because investment activity and investment in the country is a basic factor in the development of all sectors and particularly capital intensive, that is, the construction industry.
The results of the analysis of the investment competition in macro construction enterprises, the content of basic indicators for enterprises. The analysis of the investment competition construction enterprises Ukraine found that a direct relationship between the level and degree of concentration factor is that the higher value of this index, the greater the degree of regional concentration of investments, and the weaker is the investment competition; increase in value of the index means reducing the concentration - the relationship is inverse. 
Based stateynoho study concluded that quantitative analysis of investment competition can be made on the basis of concentration ratios of capital investment by region of Ukraine, which will determine the uniformity of the distribution of investments across the country. The method of assessing the level of investment competition of macroenvironment based on the calculation of the coefficients of concentration of capital investment by region of Ukraine, that made possible to find even distribution of investment across the country and determine the state of the investment competition of macroenvironment of construction enterprises