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The Problems of Small and Medium-sized Business in the Convention of the Covid-19 Pandemic: the European Dimension

An important role in the development of economic systems of the world’s leading countries is played by small and medium-sized businesses, which are the basis of the economy, create GDP, are a significant source of budget replenishment, provide the largest number of jobs. In the conditions of open economy it is important to compare the national economy with European and world countries, to define strategies that will set the vector of development of a competitive country and ensure accelerated economic growth.

Forecasting indicators of sustainable development of Ukraine

The article proposes approaches and indicators for assessing the effectiveness of state regulation of sustainable development. The indicators of sustainable development of Ukraine according to world ratings are investigated. Forecast of indicators of sustainable development for the next three years is carried out. The influence of each individual indicator on sustainable development of Ukraine is determined.


Stability of operation and development of enterprises to a large extent is due to their
business activity, which depends on the breadth of markets for product sales, business
reputation, level of resource efficiency, active innovation policy, etc. The quality and
correctness of its analysis play a decisive role in making decisions on increasing business
activity; accordingly, the relevance of improving its methodology is increasing.
Business activity research is carried out at the rates of growth of such general indicators of

Marketing aspects of export politics of the state

The characteristic features of realization of export deliveries are investigational on the key stages of economic development of country. On the basis of the conducted analysis of dynamics, structure and efficiency of the Ukrainian export basic problems are educed in realization of export operations. Measures are offered on perfection of application of marketing instruments in advancement of home commodities to the foreign markets – "4Р".

Assessment of the investment factor impact on the economic development of national economy of Ukraine

Article presents the results of the research of impact of investment factor on economic development of Ukraine and types of economic activities for the period 2000-2011 are presented; and determines types of economic activities, that are priority for investments in order to ensure the development of the national economy in framework of the post-industrial society.

Methodological foundations of economic evaluation of technogenic losses of national economy

The article considers world’s modern approaches of evaluation of technogenic losses from permanent and emergency environmental contamination (emissions, discharges, wastes), and investigates their advantages and disadvantages. The article justifies methods of fuzzy sets theory for complex economic evaluation of technogenic losses of national economy and necessity of these methods under the circumstances of vagueness and lack of information.

Assessment of the stability of the national economy development in the postindustrial society

The article presents the results of the national economy development stability assessment in the postindustrial society. The method of assessment based on the efficient state management under optimal economic, innovation and investment, and social conditions is proposed.

Analysis state investment competition in Ukraine

The article reveals the essence of investment competition and presents research of macroenvironment of enterprises of construction industry. Proved that attracting investment in the development of the national economy stands pressing issue today, because investment activity and investment in the country is a basic factor in the development of all sectors and particularly capital intensive, that is, the construction industry.

Method analyzing the investment attractiveness

It the role of investment in ensuring economic development. The features of the impact
of investment on the success of the operation entities. The expediency of attracting investment
enterprises to ensure their economic prosperity. The properties of the process of investing in
the company and found that one of the main parameters that determine the success of this
procedure is the level of investment attractiveness of this company. The existing interpretation
of the essence of the concept of “attractiveness” and formed their own understanding of this

Structural changes at the national economy of ukraine under influence of postindustrialization

The article presents the results of research of structural changes at the national economy of
Ukraine under the influence of process postindustrialization. In order to complete analysis of
structural changes at the national economy of Ukraine under the influence of process
postindustrialization were solving the following problems: advanced features postindustrialization
process in the world economy; analyzed the structural changes at the national economy of Ukraine