Employment Problems in Crisis Conditions and Ways to Solve Them

: pp. 204 - 211
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv State University of Life Safety
Lviv Politechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article describes the importance of optimization the employment process in crisis conditions, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic. The labor market and unemployment in Ukraine for 2016-2020 was analysed and a sharp increase in unemployment in 2020 was identified, due to the closure of a significant number of enterprises and organizations and the inability of employees to perform their duties remotely. Dependence of the level of employment on the level of education and duration of training for the period 2017-2020 was analysed. It is proved, that the main reason that leads to such consequences is the unwillingness of the population to change in crisis situations, in particular to the changes that appear in the labor market relatively to vacancies in certain professions. The labor market was segmented according to the dynamics of demand for individual professions. It is established, that among the main influencer for the possibility of rapid adaptation to the changing environment of the labor market are diverse skills and abilities, acquired at different levels of education. An attributive model of choosing a profession to optimize the employment process was developed, which is expressed through a system of attributes and characterized the process of choosing a profession in terms of time and movement, space, influence. Attributes of time and movement were expressed by the study of the labor market, its past trends and forecasting the situation for the near future, taking into account the general state of the economy. Attributes of space were expressed by the choice of specific specialties within the results of market research and their own preferences, skills and inclinations to certain professions, as well as levels and forms of education. Attributes of influence were shown by impact of model expressed by possibility of obtaining certain types of incomes. The proposed approach will solve the problems of employment in crisis conditions and simultaneously hold several positions, which will minimize the risks of full unemployment.

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