Conceptual Principles of Evaluation of Competitiveness of the Enterprise in the Conditions of Entry Into New International Markets

: pp. 91 - 98
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

In today’s market economy, competition is an important concept. Today, issues of competition and competitiveness are especially relevant due to the processes of globalization and intensification of competition between producers of goods and services. As a result, the question arises as to what makes oneproducer better than another and whether he is able to fully meet the needs of his consumer, thus ensuring his profit? Therefore, assessing the competitive advantages, production, personnel, technological and marketing capabilities of the enterprise, as well as identifying ways to improve them affect the competitiveness of the enterprise in both domestic and foreign markets, as well as the possibility of expanding into new markets. Assessing the competitiveness of the enterprise allows to determine its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with competitors, identify ways to improve it, strengthen thecompany’s position in the national market and identify new target markets.
The article provides a review of scientific literature, research and publications on the subject of research, describes the methods, their advantages and disadvantages for assessing the competitiveness of the enterprise in terms of entering new international markets. The stages, the sequence of which must be followed when assessing the competitiveness of enterprises, are summarized. The main indicators, factors, as well as some characteristics of the product that affect the competitiveness of enterprises are presented. It is established that for effective assessment of the competitiveness of the enterprise in terms of entering new international markets, it is advisable to use a set of several valuation methods using a certain sequence.The evaluation results influence the choice of strategy and forms of the company’s entry into new international markets, market choice, sales policy, and also allows to effectively assess the company’s performance and ability to respond quickly and effectively to external changes, make the right managementdecisions and take measures to improve competitiveness of the enterprise.

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