Process Optimization of Vibroresonance Sewage Disinfection

Mathematical models which adequately combine their technological parameters with indicators of treatment quality have been designed for the cavitation cleaning processes of sewage from organic admixtures. Water of brewing, milk processing industry and public water use it is considered as sewage.

Експериментальні дослідження деформативності фрагментів монолітного перекриття з трубчастими вставками і суцільного перекриття

Methods and results of experimental studies deformation of fragments of monolithic reinforced concrete floor are posted: solid brand DF-1; inserts with transverse marks DF-2; mark DF-3 with longitudinal inserts. Overall dimensions of test samples were the same length 2.05 m, width and height section 355x180 mm. Tested prototypes of two concentrated forces, measuring the deformation of the normal sections in the area of pure bending in 3 inclined sections between the supports and lumped forces and deflections general.

Принципові конструктивні вирішення монолітних плоских залізобетонних прогонових будов мостів з полегшувальними вставками

An overview of the existing structural and technological solutions of bridge spans constructions optimization in order to reduce their weight, precast; precast-monolithic and monolithic have been complete.

Impact and particle buffered vibration absorbers optimization and design

Passive, broadband targeted energy transfer refers to the one-way directed transfer of energy from a primary subsystem to a nonlinear attachment; this phenomenon is realized in damped, coupled, essentially nonlinear impact or particle dynamic vibration absorber (DVA). An impact damper is a passive control device which takes the form of a freely moving mass, constrained by stops attached to the structure under control, i.e. the primary structure. The damping results from the exchange of momentum during impacts between the mass and the stops as the structure vibrates.

Application of taguchi method for optimization of continuous drive friction welding process parameters

The objective of present study was to determine optimal conditions to achieve satisfactory friction welds between two dissimilar metals namely copper and carbon steel bars of same diameter. Three process parameters namely speed of rotation, axial pressure, and forge pressure were considered for the present study. Two multiple performance characteristics, considered were breaking load strength and upset. The optimization of the process parameters was done using ANOVA.

Optimization of traffic cam on single criteria.

The analysis of movement modes of cam mechanisms is carried out. The technique of optimum movement modes synthesis is proposed; it allows to receive any modes which reflect certain properties of a cam mechanism. Complex optimum movement modes which simultaneously take into consideration several properties of cam mechanisms are most promising. Such optimum movement modes can be received on the basis of complex criteria taking into account optimum movement modes of cam mechanisms by single integrated criteria.

Optimization of impact dynamic vibration absorbers in the frequency band

The paper deals with the methods of calculation and optimization of constructions of  the impact dynamic vibration absorbers (DVA ) for the elongated structures.  An efficient numerical approach based on the theoretical-experimental method is proposed to maximize the minimal damping of modes in a prescribed frequency range for the tuned-mass impact systems. Methods of decomposition and numerical synthesis are considered on the basis of an adaptive schemes. The influence of dynamic vibration absorbers and basic design elastic and damping properties is under discussion.

Формування портфеля проектів за допомогою двоетапної процедури

The problems of organization and support management in organizations that implement their activities in the form of projects were considered, as well as the main approaches to managing a portfolio of projects, two-step procedure for drawing portfolio, taking into account both formal and informal aspects was proposed.

Ранжування веб-сайтів в мережі Інтернет

The article describes the design features of ranking websites in the global Internet, the analysis of the known systems and promotion resources was done and the internal and external factors of ranking were given. Possible schemes of Internet resources using the tools of link ranking were analyzed. We describe the main problems that arise when optimizing pages on the set of queries and give the scheme of splitting by keyword pages of the resource.

Аналіз математичних моделей планування в мультипроектному середовищі

Problems of organization, planning and maintenance management in organizations that implement their activity in the form of projects are considered. The critical analysis of the operation in this environment was carried out, major shortcomings and methods of overcoming them are pointed out.