Comparative analysis of the resonant vibro-impact two and three-mass structure systems with linear friction

The optimization model based on the criteria of energy efficiency of vibration systems is considered. This criterion is presented as the ratio of maximum of the working mass acceleration to consumption power of system. Optimization task is added of constraints that determine the technological aspects of vibrational resonant type - the width of the resonance zone, coefficient asymmetry of acceleration, maximum acceleration of the working mass. Searching of stiffness of asymmetric piecewise linear elastic properties at the basic of synthesis is entrusted.

Optimization of parametric balanced modulator based on frequency symbolic method

Application of the frequency symbolic method for analysis of established modes of linear periodically time-variable (LPTV) circuits to solving an optimization task conditioned by the control of their asymptotic stability is considered. The results of optimization of a parametric balanced modulator with respect to the criterion which is based on calculation of the parametric transfer functions approximated by Fourier trigonometric polynomials are presented.

Acceleration of the parameters identification for dynamic models construction using parallelization

Construction of mathematical models for nonlinear dynamical systems using optimization requires significant computation efforts to solve the optimization task. This makes it reasonable to use parallelization of calculations for optimization task solving, especially taking into account current tendency for increasing the number of CPU cores in a single chip. The effectiveness of particular parallel implementation of optimization process is the subject of investigation in this paper.

Optimization with the use of the genetic algorithm method and parallel computing

The work presents the description of a method for performing optimized calculations with the use of the genetic algorithm method performed on computers paralleled in a cluster. It defines the scope of electromagnetic calculations which must be performed in order to determine the objective function. It also provides sample factors describing the quality of paralleling the calculation process.

Optimal scheduling of operating modes of the gas transmission system

The optimization problems of gas transmission for different optimality criteria are presented. The analysis of factors that influence both calculation of operating mode parameters and complexity of algorithms of search of their optimal values is carried out. In the course of conducting numerical experiments, some classes of problems being solved in an optimization statement are demonstrated.

Tolerance analysis and optimization of linear periodically time-variable circuits based on the frequency symbolic method

The paper presents the procedures of tolerance analysis and optimization of linear periodically time-variable circuits, based on the frequency symbolic method and realized by the system of functions MAOPCs in an environment MATLAB.

Effectiveness evaluation of discrete macromodelling to forecast power consumption of electric power system component elements

The paper is concerned with a method intended for forecasting electric power consumption using discrete macromodels of daily and annual electric power consumption of defined objects. The method provides the possibility of estimating qualitative characteristics of future electric power consumption based on known prior data.

Solving of radioelectronic systems combinatorial optimization problems with ms excel solver

Possibilities of modelling optimization design problems as the extreme combinatorial graph problems and solving them in MS Excel Solver are studied. Drawbacks of existing models from considering their realization in MS Excel Solver are analyzed.

Choosing the optimal location of distribution substations (switchgear) in networks of power supply companies considering external power lines

It has been offered the algorithms determine the optimal location of distribution substations or switchgear for the electrical system , taking into account external power line. Optimality criterion selected discounted costs. It is shown that the optimal position location distribution substation (switching substation) is shifted from the centre of electrical loads in the direction of power.