Reforms as a prerequisite for ukraine's accession to the Еuropean Union

Reforms and their impact are an integral part of the process of accession to the European Union. These measures create the foundation for harmonizing the country's legislation with European standards and norms, and contribute to improving the living standards of citizens and the stability of society. One of the key aspects of reforms is economic change. Countries aspiring to join the European Union usually implement reforms aimed at liberalizing markets, improving the business climate, and fighting corruption.

The role of higher government bodies in European integration processes of Ukraine

This scientific article examines the process of preparation and accession of the state to the European Union (EU) with an emphasis on the work of higher authorities. The authors analyze the key aspects and stages that include the transition to European norms and standards, as well as the reforms necessary to comply with EU standards. The article examines the role of parliament, government, and other authorities in the implementation of European policies and legislation, and evaluates their effectiveness in this process.

The impact of war on the rules of implementation of public-private partnership in the cultural sector of Ukraine

Formulation of the problem. Public-private partnership is an effective mechanism for providing additional resources for the development of culture, and in Ukraine, this mechanism can help restore destroyed infrastructure objects and ensure a proper level of protection of cultural heritage in the conditions of armed conflict. However, successful implementation of such a partnership requires compliance with certain regulatory, legal, and financial-economic conditions, and the state must be a leading partner in this process.

Conceptual basis of providing income for the rural population of Ukraine in post-war conditions

Formulation of the problem. Military actions on the territory of Ukraine significantly affect the entire social structure of Ukraine. It is obvious that the war has a negative impact on the incomes of the entire population, particularly those living in rural areas. It should be noted that the standard of living of the population, including the rural population, is the main social criterion for the development of any country in the realities of the 21st century.

Reforms in the field of law, judicial proceedings and justice as a factor in the formation of a political association between Ukraine and the EU

Problem setting. The processes of globalization and international European integration in the modern world set a priority task for Ukraine to implement the provisions of the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The formation of a political association and a deep and comprehensive free trade area between Ukraine and the EU depends on the successful reform in the field of Law, judicial proceedings and Justice of Ukraine in the context of European integration.

Current state and prospects of ukrainian european integration

The article examines the current state and prospects of Ukrainian European integration from the point of view of approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Union, making appropriate changes in the regulatory framework of Ukraine and their implementation. Particular emphasis is placed on determining the specifics of the approximation of Ukrainian legislation in various fields, the problems of defining these processes and the difficulties that arise during their implementation.

Prospects for the eastern partnership under geopolitical and security changes in the Eastern European region

The article dwells upon “Eastern Partnership” (EaP) initiativeand proves that the issue of its reforming has been acquiring considerable relevance under conditions of the aggressive foreign policy of the Russian Federation, contradictions within the European Union, and lack of a unified position on the solution of pressing political and security problems in the European region.