In our time, the use of bitumen modified with epoxy compounds is considered as an
effective means of improving the durability of road pavement. Given the rather long duration
of modification of road bitumen epoxy rapeseed oil (EPO), we studied the processes of
modifying bitumen using ultrasonic cavitation. For research, road bitumen modified with
rapeseed oil epoxy using cavitation and without it. Cavitation in the process of modification of
road bitumen was used to reduce the modification time.

Вплив умов та способу модифікації дорожніх бітумів епоксидом ріпакової олії на їх фізико-хімічні властивості

We have studied the properties of bitumen modified with epoxy on the basis of rapeseed oil. For experiments we used brand BND 90/130 bitumen, modified with the rapeseed oil (EPO) epoxy in different amounts and in different EPO inputs. Bitumen were analyzed by the following parameters: softening temperature, penetration, adhesion, duktylnist. Вивчено властивості бітумів, модифікованих епоксидами на основі ріпакової олії. Для дослідів використано дорожній бітум марки БНД 90/130, модифікований епоксидом ріпакової олії (ЕРО) в різних кількостях та різними способами введення ЕРО.

Використання кислих гудронів у виробництві нафтових бітумів

The actual problem of acid sludge utilization which is the wasted products of oil-refining industry is examined. The neutralization method of acid sludge in order to neutralize sulfonic acids and excess of sulphuric acid is studied. The results of the oxidation process study of neutralized acid sludge and its joint oxidation with oil tar are given. The possibility of acid sludge application for the bitumen production is established.  Розглянуто актуальну проблему утилізації кислих гудронів, які є відходами нафтопереробної промисловості.

Дослідження модифікації дорожніх бітумів гумовою крихтою

The analysis of the characteristics of petroleum bitumen that used in road construction are presented.The influence on the properties of crumb rubber bitumen is investigated. 
Наведено аналіз характеристик нафтових дорожніх бітумів, що застосовуються в дорожньому  будівництві. Досліджено  вплив  гумової  крихти  на  властивості  дорожніх бітумів. 

Bitumen compositions for cold applied roofing products

Physico-chemical characteristics of three-component composition BNB 70/30 bitumen : linseed oil : SBS rubber have been investigated. The composition may be used for the production of rolled roofing, the installation of which does not require heating operation. The dependence of the softening temperature, ductility, penetration, adhesion, elasticity and water resistance of bitumen compositions on their structure has been examined.

Bitumen Production via Tar Oxidation in the Presence of Petroleum Resin with Fluorine-Containing Groups

The tar oxidation process has been studied at 523 K, air flow rate of 2.0; 2.5 and 5.0 h-1 and process time of 6, 9 and 12 h in the presence of 2.5; 5.0 and 7.5 mas % (to calculate for the raw material)of petroleum resin with fluorine atoms. The tar is the residue of black oil vacuum distillation obtained from the oils of Western-Ukrainian fields. The effect of process conditions on the characteristics of obtained bitumen has been determined. The structural-group composition of blown bitumen has been examined.

Gas Condensate Residual Usage for Oxidated Bitumen Production

The oxidation process of the paraffin gas condensate residual has been studied to obtain road bitumen. The investigation results concerning the residual joint oxidation with extract of oil selective treatment and low-paraffin tars are presented. It has been determined that bitumen obtained from the residual of paraffin gas condensate treatment does not meet the requirements setting for road bitumen. It is recommended to use the residuals for the production of building or covering bitumen.

Modification of Residual Bitumen from Orhovytska Oil by Butonal Polymeric Latexes

Modification of residual bitumen from Orhovytska oil by Butonal polymeric latexes has been studied. Using such modifiers the softening temperature and bitumen elasticity increase and penetration decreases. The commercial paving bitumen may be produced from the residuals using Butonal polymeric latexes.

Effect of Modified Bitumen on Physico-Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete

The investigation results of type B fine asphalt concrete and its form modified by rapeseed oil epoxide are represented. The efficiency of ERO addition and its positive effect on the physico-mechanical properties of asphalt concrete has been established.

Using Bitumen Emulsions Based on Oxidated, Distillation and Modified Oxidated Bitumens for Slurry Seal Production

Three commercial road emulsions on the basis of petroleum bitumens differing by their production method (oxidated, distillation and modified bitumens) and Redicote E-11 emulsifier were obtained. The obtained emulsions were used for the production of Slurry Seal and thin-layer road coatings on its basis. The coatings based on modified oxidated bitumen have more advantages compared with those based on oxidated bitumen. The expensive distillation bitumen may be exchanged for modified oxidative one to use it in a Slurry Seal technology.