Economic and Statistical Small Business Competitiveness Analysis

The article discusses the small businesses role in the market economy at the current stage of its development, characterizes its advantages and disadvantages, and defines the essence of the «competitiveness» concept. The authors have emphasized the economic and statistical analysis importance in researching the competitiveness of small businesses and in forming an effective strategy for its enhancement.


The article is devoted to the historical features of the formation of Vicheva Square in Lviv and its current state. The work focuses on the historical background of the square planning, its development during Soviet times and degradation as space nowadays. The main tasks are architectural approaches and ways of the renovation of the area.


The article focuses on the current state of the film market, in particular, the main directions of activity of the main cinematographic networks of Ukraine are considered: "Multiplex cinema", "Planet Kino", "Kievkinofilm", "Kinopalats". Their place in the film market of Ukraine is determined. The competitive advantages of private cinemas, namely "Multiplex" and "Planet Cinema", are explored.

Strategic Segmentation of Customers in the Market of Primary Real Estate

The authors emphasize the special significance of customer service on the primary market of residential real estate. There is carried out segmentation of the primary real estate market with the account of such a criterion as a residential housing class. There are singled out the following segments of this market: premium-segment, business-segment, comfort- segment, and economy-segment. The features of each market segment are described.

Qualitative changes in market and investment environment of domestic enterprises and marketing of their problem of domestic and foreign markets sales

The article given characteristic qualitative changes in the market environment, operation and development of Ukrainian business. The attention is focused on strengthening the process of European integration, accumulation of external and internal threats, requiring significant changes in the marketing policy of companies and their activities on domestic and foreign markets. Identified causes of low efficiency of Ukrainian companies in the EU markets after entering the country for zero duties for exports.

Cadastre in land market structure

Purpose. Periodic prolonging of the moratorium on sale of agricultural lands does not solve the basic problem of land reform – free circulation of land in order to improve welfare of the population, increasing of social and econom-ic development of territories through the development of new economic, financial and credit inter-farm linkages and mechanisms. Certain prerequisites of land market functioning, defining its function before this should be formed on the legislative and regulatory framework.