road transport


One of the main environmental polluters, especially in large cities of Ukraine, is road transport. In particular, road transport is one of the main sources of persistent organic pollutants in the environment. Therefore, monitoring of air pollution by road transport is one of the most relevant questions in Ukraine, especially considering its intentions to join the European Union.

Specificity of the Formation of a Strategy for the Development of National Road Carriers

The development of road transport enterprises is in the interests of many shareholders, so the studying of theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of strategy formation is extremely important. The aim of the article is to study the general macroeconomic trends on the Freight market and systematize theoretical approaches in the context of identifying specific industry strategies. The methodological basis is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the strategic opportunities of motor transport enterprises.

The impact of parameters of traffic flows of Lviv street-road network on the level of environmental and economic losses

The analysis of directions and effectiveness of various methods of examining the impact of the urban street-road network on the level of eco-pollution was carried out with the use of the method of determining environmental and economic losses from changes in traffic flow indicators. The method of estimating the environmental damage dynamics due to harmful emissions of vehicles was applied.

The satisfaction of the public authorities interaction in the field of the automotive service of population in Ukraine

The article analyzes theoretical and applied aspects of interaction between local authorities and local self-government bodies in the context of transport services of passengers by public transport. From the position of administrative law, the regulatory and legal framework for the provision of transport services by local government bodies and local self- government bodies is analyzed, directions of interaction.

Improvement of the Ecological Safety of Road Transport in the Use of Alternative Fuel and Exhaust Converters

The aim of the research was to reduce ecological danger caused by vehicles through the use of combined fuel and improved designs converters of exhaust gases. The use of obsolete structures of a catalytic analyzer on cars and the provision of periodic purging of catalytic units can significantly reduce soot emissions without making changes to the design of the engine. It was established that the use of a mixture of diesel fuel with biofuels (made involving waste) reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases by 30–35 % and saves hydrocarbons.

Administrative contract as a form of public administration in the area of services for passengers road transport

In this article violates theoretical aspects of administrative contract as a form of public administration in the field of organization of passenger road transport due to the adaptation of national transport legislation with the European Union. On this basis we considered features, functions and types of administrative agreements in the field of passenger service by road transport.