Ukrainian Carpathians

Reconstruction of cenozoic paleostress fields in the flysch complex of the Opir river valley (Skyba nappe, Ukrainian Carpathians)

Purpose. Reconstruction of paleostress fields, as evidence of many publications of different parts of the Carpathians, can carried out through research the most common brittle and semibrittle structure – joints, slickensides, faults, regional and local folds, or complex research of joints and slickensides. The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct the paleostress fields and deformation regimes of flysch deposits in Opir River Valley using complex analysis of joints and slickensides.

Ukrainian Carpathians in the structure of pancardi (magmatism and geodynamics)

Purpose of investigations – to ascertain the position of Ukrainian part of the Carpathian geosyncline in the common structure of the Pannonian-Carpathian-Dinarides region (Pancardi) at different stages of the development. Methodology. Integrated analysis of the peculiarities of different-age magmatism together with other geological-geophysical material and reconstruction of the structure and geodynamics of both the whole Pancardi and the Ukrainian Carpathian in particular at different stages of alpine development. Findings.

Mapping of Berezivska ring structure in the gravity and magnetic fields (southwest of Kolomyya paleovalley)

Purpose. The purpose of research is to identify the geological and tectonic nature complex morphology intensive gravimagnetic anomaly in the southwest Kolomiyskogo paleovalleys, which is located within the Precarpathians trough Ukrainian Carpathians. Methodology.

Isostasy of Ukrainian Carpathian

Isostatic compensation of the Earth crust is discussed. Using the ETOPO1 digital elevation model and gravity data a Moho model and isostatic anomalies field was constructed for the area of Ukrainian Carpathians, bounded by: φ=47.30÷50,300 N, λ=22÷270 E. Technique for isostatic anomalies calculation is described. Relation between the isostatic anomalies and main tectonics units of region is defined.

The role of magmatism in paleogeodynamic reconstructions

Significance of magmatism as a marker of geodynamic processes of the past geological epochs is considered. A scheme of phased studies of magmatic rocks is given as well as their generalization and connection to tectonic structures. On the basis of formation analysis and mineral-geochemical indicators of the Cainozoic volcanites it is proved that geological development of the Ukrainian Carpathians during Cainozoic go on a collision geodynamic regime type.

The stress-strain state modelling of the autochthonous sedimentary complex in the dynamic influence zone of the thrust wedge

Purpose. Computer modelling in the framework of continuum mechanics is a powerful tool to obtain qualitative and quantitative deformation parameters in the geological media. The purpose of this work was to study stress and strain fields of the sedimentary autochthonous complex owing to moving a thrust wedge. Subject of inquiry is layered rocks with different geometrical and mechanical properties bounded by the basement of the peleobasin and compressive thrust wedge taking into account the gravitational forces and contact frictions. Methodology.

New promising areas, deposits, and types of hydrocarbon traps in the thrust areas under the Ukrainian Carpathians

A new area is suggested for hydrocarbon explorations in the margin shaft of the Eurasian platform, in the Transcarpathians. The productive systems: Devonian, Carboniferous, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Paleogene, Neogene. Traps of various types are possible.

Statistical features and analysis of tectonic jointing from cretaceous-neogene deposits of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Purpose. Statistical features and the distribution of the data orientation over 8 000 tectonic joints from flysch and molasses deposits of Skyba and Boryslav-Pokuttya nappes with some statistical parameters (K, C) are demonstrated. The main system of joints and the ratio of dip angles are analyzed. Relationship between statistical features of joints, the age of rocks, the tectonic position and the geological history of the Ukrainian Carpathians are defined.  Methodology.