Mapping of Berezivska ring structure in the gravity and magnetic fields (southwest of Kolomyya paleovalley)

: pp. 78 - 80
Received: August 01, 2013
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Carpathian Branch of Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Purpose. The purpose of research is to identify the geological and tectonic nature complex morphology intensive gravimagnetic anomaly in the southwest Kolomiyskogo paleovalleys, which is located within the Precarpathians trough Ukrainian Carpathians. Methodology. The technique is based on a detailed analysis of the complex geological and geophysical data on the deep structure of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the study of the characteristics of manifestation in the morphology of the gravitational and magnetic fields of the regional fault block structure of the foundation and related structures of the sedimentary cover. The study used a map of the observed gravity and magnetic fields, and their transformation, are compared maps of local anomalies with geology and tectonics of the region, and also apply quantitative methods of interpretation. Results. We construct detailed maps of anomalies observed gravity and magnetic fields and their transformations. The results of the qualitative interpretation of the local area of complex morphology of intense gravity and magnetic anomalies of different sign are presented. The gravitational field of a regional plan clearly shows a sharp dive basement of the East European platform in the south-west direction (toward the folded Carpathians). In the circular path traced diameter of 30 km, in the center of which stand the intense positive local anomalies separated by very intense negative anomalies. In a magnetic field detected bands of low intensity, which extend in the direction of the longitudinal and transverse faults. Against the backdrop of a complex differential field within the ring circuit revealed more intense anomalies of different sign. Originality. It is proved that the local area, which is located in the Kosovo area between the villages of Kolomyia-Yaremche-Kosmach, a compact circular shape. The probable nature of the ring structure (astrobleme or catastrophic eruption of powerful paleovolcano - Zayacz` X.B.) Add sound effect of a thick layer of dense Neogene conglomerates with sharp changes the geometry of their contours and crashing into the pre-Paleozoic basement. Hypotheses about the geological and tectonic origin Berezivskoy structures were not really controversial. Sophisticated fault tectonics slope platform ring structure, erosion processes and the development of thick dense suburban conglomerates are complex morphology of gravity and magnetic anomalies cause Berezivskogo phenomenon, as well as possibly associated with them and the origin of Kolomiyskoy paleovalley. Practical significance. Berezivska ring structure is promising to look for oil i gas. The qualitative interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields is the basis for building models of the detailed structure of the object using the methods of quantitative interpretation of potential fields. Results of the study will provide the opportunity to more accurately assess the prospects of sites within Berezivsky structure.

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