Problem aspects of social adaptation of persons released from places of deprivation of will


The reform of the criminal-executive system has set Ukraine the task of determining the priority conditions and means of social adaptation of persons who have been released from places of deprivation of liberty.

The article examines the socio-legal nature of the process of social adaptation of persons released from prisons. 

On some historical and legal determinants that affect the effectiveness of public control in the field of execution of punishments in Ukraine

In the article analyzes the historical and legal sources that regulated the procedure for public control over the process of execution - serving sentences, established the patterns of emergence and development of the problems existing in connection with this, and proposed some ways to solve them in essence. 

The role of the tidal systems of global geoid models in the determination of heights using the GNSS leveling method

A number of factors can significantly affect the accuracy of height determination when applying the GNSS leveling method. In general, it is possible to distinguish those related to the process of GNSS observations and their post-processing, and those related to the selection of the geoid/quasi-geoid height model. This work focuses on aspects of GNSS leveling accuracy when choosing global geoid models. In particular, to better ensure accuracy, it is important to understand the significance of the heights tidal system selection of global geoid models.

Special issues of legal regulation of social and educational work with sentences to life imprisonment

Abstract. The article attempts to find out the peculiarities of social and educational work with those sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of the analysis of the current legislation and taking into account the conclusions of leading scientists and to highlight some inconsistencies in the legal regulation of this issue.

Legal regulation of education of sentenced to imprisonment in Ukraine

The article analyzes the normative legal acts that regulate the sphere of education of convicts. Attention is drawn to the provisions of international penitentiary instruments, which recommend that prison administrations make every effort to encourage prisoners to take an active part in all aspects of education. The necessity of training convicts as one of the most important aspects of prevention of recidivism is substantiated. The need to develop a concept of state policy in the field of education of juvenile prisoners and prisoners is emphasized.

Алгоритм оцінювання індивідуальної метрологічної надійності засобів вимірювальної техніки

Розроблено алгоритм оцінювання індивідуальної метрологічної надійності засобів вимірювальної техніки, що дозволяє оперативно коригувати міжкалібрувальні інтервали.
***The algorithm of evaluation of individual metrology reliability of facilities of measuring technique is developed, that allows operatively to correct intergauge intervals. ***
Разработан алгоритм оценивания индивидуальной метрологической надежности средств измерительной техники, что позволяет оперативно корректировать межкалибровочные интервалы.

Sensitivity of gravity data to level of ground waters and atmospheric conditions: case study for the Dashava gas storage

Purpose: estimation and evaluation of influence level of outer physical factors to observed gravity during gravitational monitoring execution at underground gas storages. Using of obtained results for quality increasing of final gravity data of gravitational monitoring for condition and exploitation of Dashava underground gas storage. Methodology: calculation of gravitational effects occurred by changes of survey conditions on the basis of experimental data about ground water level changing and atmospheric condition changing with using of known physical dependences.