labor market

Labor market amid the crisis and ways to improve its governmental regulation

Statement of the problem. Employment of the population and reduction of unemployment rate are priority objectives for economic recovery in the country suffering from the hybrid war for many years, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for two years, and involved into the full-scale war since February 24, 2022 that results in joblessness for thousands of people, destruction of the businesses, equipment and facilities, as well as the natural resources of Ukraine.

Active programs of employmentas a mechanism for improving the efficiency of state policy in the field of employment

Problem settings. The labor market and employment of the population characterize the general macroeconomic situation of the country, the structure of its national economy, the level of development of market forms of management, institutional provision of social and labor relations, the level of entrepreneurial activity of the population, etc.

Identification of the problem of employment in the context of modern research approaches

Problem setting. The effectiveness of the functioning of the economic and political system of vital functions of the society the state foresees the formation and implementation of a policy of employment, which would serve to create a balanced number of places of work in accordance with the spiritual and material needs of the population. The achievement of high indicators of socio-economic development of a modern postmodern state depends on ensuring a high level of employment of the labor potential of the nation.

Raising Youth Unemployment as One of the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic

For studying the excess of youth unemployment in comparison with other age groups in Europe and selected world regions, the authors hypothesized the high efficiency of government employment policy, taking into account the possible consequences of displacing other age groups.

The aim of the study is to formulate proposals for reducing youth unemployment in Europe and selected world regions in accordance with the identified specific causes of this phenomenon.

The main objectives of the study are:

Marketing Analysis of Demand and Supply in the Labor Market of Ukraine

The labor market is a complex socio-economic phenomenon that requires constant monitoring and regulation. There are a significant number of definitions of this concept, which are significantly different and quite harmoniously complement each other. At the same time, scientists use complex, systemic and dialectical approaches. Scientists consider typical models of the labor market: American, Japanese, Swedish and Chinese, which differ in a number of key features and principles of operation.

Legal status of labor migrants: concept, content, legislation

The concept of the legal status of migrant workers is studied. It is noted that the legal status of migrant workers and the guarantee of their personal rights are enshrined in law. It is stated that the protection of the rights of Ukrainian citizens working abroad implies an important obligation for the state to create legal, socio-economic and spiritual conditions for the realization of their rights and freedoms, under which it is possible to protect the rights of individuals and international human rights organizations.

The Pandemic of COVID-19 as the Challenge to Ukrainian Migrant Workers in Poland (Research Article)

In the article, the authors analyze the impact of the COVID-19 world pandemic on the employment of Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland. It is noted that the economic situation and the war in the east of Ukraine led to continuous process of labor migration from Ukraine to Poland. The author analyzes basic documents of the migration policy of Ukraine as well as Polish legislation in the field of employment of foreign citizens. It was found that the introduction of quarantine restrictions resulted in mass return of Ukrainian workers from Poland.

Introduction of dual form of education in ukrainian higher education

The article outlines the problems faced by the education system and the labor market. Insufficient level of readiness of graduates of educational institutions to professional activity is emphasized. The legal framework for the introduction of a dual form of education has been analyzed.

Legal regulation of professional pre-higher education in Ukraine

The article analyzes the norms of the law of Ukraine “On Professional pre-higher
Education”. It emphasized the practically oriented nature of this educational level. Legal bases
of functioning of professional pre-higher education are defined. The article also examines the
dual form of education as the most effective form of education.The competence of state and
local self-government bodies in the field of professional pre-higher education concerning
employment and the labor market is outlined.