Development of Customs Infrastructure on the Ukrainian-Polish Border in the Conditions of Business Internationalization

The relations between Ukraine and Poland represent a long history of partnership and have a great economic importance for both countries. At the present stage, Poland is one of the largest international trade partners of our country. In the history of Ukraine’s foreign trade during 2019— 2020, Poland occupied second place in the structure of domestic exports. Thus, in 2020 the share of exports of Ukrainian goods to Poland was 6.65 %.

Ukrainian enterprises internationalization: regulatory support and institutional regulation

In a globalized economy and increasing linkages between national economies around the world, understanding of internationalization is the key to effective doing business in foreign markets. Theoretical researches of internationalization by Ukrainian scientists are at an early stage. Today remain the unexplored question of regulatory framework and institutional regulation of enterprises internationalization. The economic studies are not detected systematization of legislation Ukrainian enterprises nternationalization. In foreign sources of these issues are not covered at all.

Influence of internationalization on consumer exclusion from the financial services market

This paper presents the results of research identifying on the impact of the internationalization process of financial services on the development of the phenomenon of financial exclusion of consumers. Results shows that level of financial exclusion of consumers, both discretionary and mandatory, is very high. Consumers more often face difficulties in using services of foreign financial institutions rather than of domestic ones. This is particularly notable with respect to the need of fund saving and taking financial commitments.

Essential characteristics of the Ukrainian economy internationalization

In the current global economic system businesses normally operate in many geographic
markets and therefore the study of the key problems of business internationalization, such as an
enterprise entering a foreign market or foreign market presence activities is very relevant at the
In this article, we systematize different approaches used by international and local
researchers to reveal the essence of “internationalization” category as well as their own
definition of “internationalization”. We also examine actual status and the dynamics of

Using Corporate Social Responsibility tools while forming the enterprise internationalization marketing strategy

The article investigates the possibility of improving the marketing strategy by using new tools, among them the tools of corporate social responsibility at Ukrainian enterprises. The definition of the corporate  social  responsibility  concept  is  generalized.  The  main  tools  of  the  corporate  social responsibility as well as the relationship between these tools and the enterprise internationalization marketing strategy are determined.

Factors of logistics development at the present stage of market transformations

The article substantiates the necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine. The results of research into external factors having impact on the development of logistics allowing for globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life are exposed. A generalized ordering of the most significant factors influencing the logistics development is performed.