marketing strategy

Розроблення конкурентних маркетингових стратегій за індуктивною технологією системних інформаційно- аналітичних досліджень

Пропонується нова технологія розроблення конкурентних маркетингових стратегій на прикладі розвитку корпоративної мережі фірмової торгівлі охолодженими м’ясопродуктами, яка ґрунтується на індуктивних принципах системних інформаційно- аналітичних досліджень. Показана висока ефективність застосування такої технології як на стадіях проектування маркетингових стратегій, так і у реальному бізнесі.

Planning Export Activities in the Conditions of Entering New Markets

Today, the concept of raising business efficiency to a higher level is a critically important direction of development of the modern Ukrainian economy. 

Building a sustainable and competitive economy contributes to the creation of healthy competition between various market participants, which has a significant impact on the relationship between producers and consumers. This forces manufacturers to focus their attention on the development and modernization of their products. In the long term, it plays a key role for the country as a whole.

Organizational and Financial Mechanism for Ensuring Financial and Economic Security of the Banking System

An organizational and financial mechanism for ensuring the financial and economic security of a commercial bank is proposed, which, in real time and in situations that cannot be controlled using traditional methods, will minimize potential risks and change the internal institutional environment, positively affecting the financial and economic security of the country’s banking system.

Diagnostic product market in the context of globalization of domestic business

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for studying the globalization of business as a whole, and its individual aspects related to information and communication problems of the domestic business amid increasing crisis in the economy. Formation of system of anti-crisis measures, as a catalyst for the commodity market development in the context of globalization of the domestic business.

Evaluation Indicators of the Marketing Strategies Efficiency of Value-Based Enterprises

The article presents indicators used for evaluating the enterprise marketing strategy efficiency with current approaches. Trends in evaluating marketing strategy of value-based enterprises are analyzed and specified. There are selected and grounded evaluation indicators of marketing strategies efficiency of value-based enterprises. The system of indicators corresponding to the selected principles and demands of value-based manage¬ment as well as to the suggested efficiency evaluation criteria is developed.

Multi-level marketing strategy for competitiveness ensuring of automobile enterprises

The algorithm of development of multilevel marketing strategy for automobile companies to ensure the competitiveness of their products is proposed. The existing strategies are analyzed and the most effective methods fo r assessing the actual strategy are offered. An analysis of the previous studies labor market is done to determine the marketing strategy efficiency indicators. The current market trends are determined and potential obstacles to implementation of the developed multi-level strategy are identified.