Algorithmic and software tools for automatic installation and starting of utilities in the windows environment

In today's world, the automation of installation and management processes of software in the Windows environment is a key element in ensuring user convenience and efficiency. Within this direction, a specialized program has been developed aimed at significantly simplifying the processes of installation and management of utilities. The program is equipped with an intuitive user interface that facilitates seamless integration with the operating system and provides users with easy access to the necessary tools.


The paper proposes a comprehensive method of qualitative evaluation of services provided by
various providers, which are expressed by characteristics that avoid a quantitative representation. The research
foresees the application of the well-known method of deployment of quality functions, the development of which
consists of the possibility of determining the coefficients of the weighting of technical characteristics of cultural
ecosystem services for recreation and tourism of the spatiotemporal geosystem. To take into account the priority of

Souvenir Advertising as a Factor of Influence on Consumer Behavior

The influence of various factors on consumer behaviour, controlled and uncontrolled by the firm, is characterized. Describing that all elements of the marketing complex, which are controlled by the enterprise, have special influence on consumers decision to purchase goods.

Strategic Segmentation of Customers in the Market of Primary Real Estate

The authors emphasize the special significance of customer service on the primary market of residential real estate. There is carried out segmentation of the primary real estate market with the account of such a criterion as a residential housing class. There are singled out the following segments of this market: premium-segment, business-segment, comfort- segment, and economy-segment. The features of each market segment are described.

Military service shevchenko: 201 th anniversary of the birth

In the article the period of military service TG Shevchenko and his relationship to the
existing “order” in the Royal Army that time. For his revolutionary activities and open
criticism of the existing feudal system, led by Emperor Nicholas I, the poet was sent to serve in
the ranks of the royal army

Logistic approaches to service of key customers in the purchasing process of individual order products

We consider the question about the introduction and use of logistics approaches of procurement management of individually customized products, and we turn out the specifics of semantic model application of joint decision-making on purchase of customized products. The studies determine that for industrial enterprises execution customer needs is a priority in decision making process about the purchase individual order products.