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Economic and Statistical Small Business Competitiveness Analysis

The article discusses the small businesses role in the market economy at the current stage of its development, characterizes its advantages and disadvantages, and defines the essence of the «competitiveness» concept. The authors have emphasized the economic and statistical analysis importance in researching the competitiveness of small businesses and in forming an effective strategy for its enhancement.

The Problems of Small and Medium-sized Business in the Convention of the Covid-19 Pandemic: the European Dimension

An important role in the development of economic systems of the world’s leading countries is played by small and medium-sized businesses, which are the basis of the economy, create GDP, are a significant source of budget replenishment, provide the largest number of jobs. In the conditions of open economy it is important to compare the national economy with European and world countries, to define strategies that will set the vector of development of a competitive country and ensure accelerated economic growth.

Regional programmes of small enterprise development as an instrument of public administration

The stages of implementation of regional development programmes in Ukraine, their place and role on all levels of small enterprise development and functioning under current conditions are considered. The priority directions and compulsory components of the regional development programme on the example of the Lviv region are proposed. The important problems hindering small enterprise development on the regional level, whose consideration and solution will have a positive future effect on the status of small business, are highlighted.

Determination of the Influence of the Economic Cycle Stages on the Innovative Potential of Small Entrepreneurship

The small business sector is studied. It is hypothesized that the small business sector has a significant innovative potential, the possibilities of which depend on the economic cycle of market conjuncture. It has been hypothesized that innovation investment in the small business sector depends significantly on economic cycles, and that the structure / directions of innovation investment are determined by the global market conjuncture.


The purpose of the article is to summarize the main characteristics of scientific and research development, innovative and innovative technological activities in Ukraine, defining innovation activity directions of the State policy’s shortcomings elimination.

Small business innovation activity in Ukraine: state and prospects

The article deals with the problems of activation of innovative activity of small enterprises in Ukraine. Development of small businesses is an important factor in ensuring the stability of the economy and its adaptation to the conditions of operation, including integration with the EU. This is what determines the relevance of creating conditions for the development of small business in Ukraine and increase its innovation activity.

Features of small businesses’ innovation activity

The essence of innovative small businesses and its implications for their development, and also the main characteristics that identify a company as innovative active were considered. The level of innovation activity of small forms of business in Ukraine was analyzed, namely, by type of implemented innovation and novelty in terms of sales of innovative products. Advantages and disadvantages of providing innovative small businesses were compared with medium and large companies.