The development of a new type of building with theatrical and culturally-educational functions

Preliminary research and proposals for creation of a new type of public building with theatrically-spectacular and culturally-educational functions have been highlighted in the article. The building is directed at accumulation, keeping, restoration and display of the outstanding works of scenographic art.

Застосування об’єктно-орієнтованого підходу до побудови моделі СППР

This article describes an object-oriented approach of DSS modeling. Three-level architecture is suggested and it describes a conceptual model of DSS. The analysis of possible reusable components for various types of structures is analyzed. We describe the principles of building a custom DSS use of multiple components.

Архітектура спеціалізованого програмного модуля ГІС: побудова карт векторного формату

An approach for the vector format maps creation is presented. The relevant graphics primitives scaling-and-positioning algorithms were developed along with the functional requirements forming. The algorithms that digitize raster maps into the vector ones are described as well. The entire architecture of module for the creation of the vector format maps, intended to the specialized geographic information system is designed.

Особливості проектування високорейтингових Інтернет-ресурсів

This paper describes the design features of the high ranking of resources in the global Internet network, the analysis of known means of ranking estimation are presented, and the factors that shape their structure are analyzed. Indicators of search optimization are studied, which help to substantiate their use in the construction of Internet resources. Features of construction of information architecture and "bottlenecks" are identified that arise in the design process. The possible schemes of resources using a flat and deep architectures are analysed.

Задача синтезу опису архітектури інформаційної системи

This paper is devoted to the modern approach to presenting information system architecture. Based on the definition of global objectives Provider and User of IT-accommodation, developed a mathematical model of the synthesis of describe of information system architecture.
 A formal description of the task synthesis description architecture as the game Provider and User of IT-accommodation.