structural model

Structural models of composite terms with the museum component (based on museum studies terminology)

The article indicates the specificity of the term as an inseparable element of a term system. It examines term combinations with the component «museum» and its derivatives in the Ukrainian term system of Museum Studies fixed in present-day terminological dictionaries relating to the field, distinguishing structural models of formation of these analytical terms.

Compound terms with the seme ‘structural element of the building: features of attributive components

The paper identifies and analyzes the attributive components of two-component terms that are names of structural elements of buildings. The productiveness of these term-word combinations in modern Ukrainian language is revealed.

Terminological word combinations in Ukrainian power engineering terminology

The article is devoted to the study of the structural organization of term phrases in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology and the identification of the most productive term phrase models. Particular attention is paid to the models of compound electric power engineering terms, with two-and three-term phrases having been analyzed.

Структурне моделювання процесів інклюзивного навчання осіб з особливими потребами

The article analyzes the specifics of the educational process of persons with special needs in terms of inclusion. The educational tasks of each stage of such persons education was considered. A structural model of the inclusive education processes was proposed.