Medical time as a medicine of lexical expression of the text category “informativity”

: pp. 42 - 45

Yeshchenko T. Medical time as a medicine of lexical expression of the text category “informativity” // Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". – 2018. – # 890.

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Examined the medical term in the aspect of modern text theory. Described its potential capabilities in expressing the text category “Informativness”, which creates the national language picture of the world and reflects the specifics of the scientific thinking of Ukrainians.

The medical term in the aspect of modern text theory has been considered. Its potentialities in the expression of the text category "Informativeness", which creates the national language picture of the world and reflects the specifics of the scientific thinking of Ukrainians, have been described. The medical term is described as a component of special professional knowledge that reflects the specifics of the scientific thinking of Ukrainians, the foundations of the formation of medical text. In the context of the liberation of Ukraine from the colonial dependence, the problem of immitating national traditions in the formation of the professional vocabulary of a modern physician is significant. The language of medicine is still in captivity of the dominant artificial approximation of languages and the leveling of specific Ukrainian norms of the formation of terms. The text category "informativity" in the medical text is related to the terms as the expressions of the quintessence of new knowledge in the field of "Healthcare". And this informative content should be based mainly on a national basis. The author considers two types of text categories: 1) structural; 2) content. The category "informative" belongs to the second group and reflects the peculiarities of the content side of the medical text. In the linguistic theory of the text information is identified with the nomination, meaning, content. It is the informative text in medical communication that has become one of the main motives for the development of pragmatic and cognitive linguistics and professional text. Among the differential features of the term, most linguists point to its informative nature. Ukrainian and foreign linguists define the term as the quintessence of new knowledge, as an element of the scientific language, which forms the denotative basis of the text, therefore, ensures its informativeness. This gives grounds to form a single medical scientific space, provide mutual information understanding of the native speakers. During the totalitarian era, a part of the actual Ukrainian medical terms was replaced by internationalisms. The digitization of the Ukrainian language code ("spirit") for a long time appeared as a means of achieving absolute power over Ukraine, its language. So, it's worth giving Ukrainian tokens. It is important to remember the optimum information as well as the genetic nature of the national term by selecting the terminological units from among others (synonymous, doublet and variational), giving them an assessment of different parameters. The Ukrainian counterpart is understandable to a wider circle of people, is more informative, more fully reflects the meaning of scientific medical phenomena. As the history of the emergence of Ukrainian medical terminology testifies, there were scholars who defended the methodological way of forming medical professional language. An example is the scientific work of Olena Kurylo, who implemented a lot of specific Ukrainian terms into the medical dictionary. Over time, linguists and doctors managed to return lexical units to the professional vocabulary to professional texts, which for a long time were in a state of so-called "little translated" from the Russian language.

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