The criteria and forming components of integral index for effectiveness functioning of enterprise


Yaremko I., Ryabkova O .

It was grounded the importance of key performance indicators in the system of modern
enterprise management. It was analyzed the scientific approaches in estimating and analyzing
effectiveness activity of enterprise. According to the results of analysis of different scientists’
researches in subject field in was notioned the ambivalent character of enterprise performance
indicators, used in different scientific issues. It was pointed out the changes, that happened in
the theories of effectiveness and efficiency.
It was proved the crucial meaning of criteria and in dicators objectiveness in case of
forming integral index of effectiveness,it’s meaning in the processes of day-to-day
effectiveness operation management and long-termed enterprise functioning. It was explained
the criteria’ context and subject used inenterprise effectiveness functioning, also the context of
financial and non-financial effectiveness criteria. It was made as an example the obtainable
informational basis format for pointing out the effectiveness enterprise functioning.
It was proved the practicality and objectiveness of estimating enterprise effectiveness
using integrated assessment. It was set the structured pattern building and calculating of
enterprise effectiveness integral index, which is specified according to the method of additive
criteria’ curtailing as recommended. It was pointed out the demands, met the criteria, which
are the main for the determine enterprise effectiveness sindicators.
It was grounded the importance of main weighing coefficient notioning, as well as expert
estimating in meaning of used points and methods, based on the statistical processing for
determining the integral effectiveness indicator. It was argued, that using such format of  enterprise effectiveness indicator can bring us to determine the general level of enterprise
effectiveness and develop the ways how to provide enterprise efficiency management.