Моделі оптимальних інформаційних систем на двовимірних комбінаторних конфігураціях

Різник В. В. Моделі оптимальних інформаційних систем на двовимірних комбінаторних конфігураціях / В. В. Різник // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2014. – № 805 : Інформаційні системи та мережі. – С. 196–204. – Бібліографія: 4 назви.


Різник В. В.

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of vector data information technologies (e.g. 2D vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the Ideal Ring Bundles (IRB)s. Some problems of computer engineering and information technologies which deal with profitable use of mathematical models and methods for optimization of systems based on the two-dimensional combinatorial configurations such as 2D Ideal Ring Bundles (2D-IRB)s are regarded. Properties of underlying models favorably to do taking account of generalization of these methods and results to the improvement and optimization of a larger class of engineering devices or information systems. The optimization has been embedded in the underlying combinatorial models. One-dimensional graphic model of the system with optimal placement of structural elements in spatially distributed systems for ring topology sequences of positive integers as well as two-dimensional model of such systems with optimal placement of elements using vector ring sequences is depicted. For example, these design techniques makes it possible to configure 2D vector coding systems using fewer code combinations than at usual systems, while maintaining on the code size using high speed corrected coding system. Special attention pays to geometric interpretations of two-dimensional Ideal Ring Bundles and its transformation groups using theoretical relation of the 2D-IRBs with reference to the cyclic difference sets theory. To illustrate the underlying mathematical models of the system for constructing optimal 2D arrangement of elements over 23 and 34 references graphic charts of these models are given. Set of examples show the possibility of optimizing two-dimensional vector code systems based on 2D-IRBs. It is shown the proposed models provide design of high performance vector data coding and control systems using combinatorial optimization as well as these methods are developed for the synthesis of non-uniformly spaced thinned antenna arrays with low level of side lobes.

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