Borrowing in the Ukrainian literary terminology of late XIX – early XX century

The article deals with the terminology of literary articles at the beginning of the late XIX - early XX century. Categories of terms according to its origin were examined, where terms borrowed from Greek, Latin, Italian, French, German or English languages were found, sometimes involving language mediator. Also proper Ukrainian terms and and heterogeneous elements were recorded.

The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology

In the article considered the role of the Commission Terminology at the Ukrainian economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) to form the Ukrainian forestry terminology in 20tieth of the twentieth century. In the article analyzed the terms denoting concepts forestry recorded the “Forestry dictionary. German-Ukrainian” (1928), made their lexical and semantic analysis.

Manuals of terminology studies and educational process

The article presents an overview of manuals that were published in the twenty-first century in Ukraine, defined their structure, peculiarities, purpose. The main focus is on general manuals that serve bases of terminology or outline the specifics of Ukrainian and named narrow specialized educational books.

Dynamics of terms with international components in the modern Ukrainian language (words with the component hydro-)

The article considers the emergence and fixation in the dictionaries of the terms with the component hydro- in the modern Ukrainian language. It clears up their thematic and semantic groups, sphere of usage, the change of the semantic structure of a word, their paradigmatic and syntagmatic, the appropriateness of their usage in the modern systems of terms.

The formation of key segments of cognitive linguistics terminology (diachronic and synchronic aspects)

The article deals with the main historical stages of development of the components of the cognitive linguistics terminology. The main concepts of cognitive linguistics are defined as well as the stages of development of cognitive linguistics as a science. The basic concepts of the term system of the researches scientific paradigm are distinguished. The frame model and types of frames as the basis of description of the conceptual world view are outlined. The main approaches to the definition of the term «concept» are described.

Термін медійний та споріднені з ним

The analysis of a relatively small group of Ukrainian lexical units related to the foreign word «media» in terms of morphological adaptation and trends and patterns of terminology and spelling codification gives the authors a reason to stress the need for a concerted effort of Ukrainian professionals to systematize terms of the media sphere.

Термінологічна лексика Майдану (на матеріалах газет «Дзеркало тижня», «Українська правда», «Газета по-українськи», «Високий Замок»)

In this the article terminological lexis which appeared during the revolution on Maidan Square and the military action in the Crimea and Donbas is reviewed. This lexis has become an integral part of the language of contemporary massmedia. Its thematic groups have been identified and features of usage in author’s texts illustrated.