Organisational and economic mechanism of improving the innovative activity of industrial sector in Ukraine

The main trends in modernization of the industrial complex innovative development mechanism are considered. It is proved that the innovative activity stimulation should be aimed at increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of local businesses through the interaction of three components: science, the system of generating new knowledge and the real economy.

Modeling innovation results when developing diagnostics mechanism of the enterprise economic security

The article deals with the theoretical and methodological foundations of modeling the results of innovation processes when developing the enterprise economic security diagnostics mechanism in the spectrum of implementing and using methods of system-comprehensive as well as structural and functional diagnostics when controlling the generalized condition of the business protection in the context of ensuring security of innovative, financial and credit, and investment activity.

Innovative approaches to development of cellular communication companies

The innovative approaches to the development of cellular communication operators’ activities are considered. Application of modern management concepts and market strategies aimed at improving the efficiency of using resources by the cellular communication companies is advisable. The role of intellectual and innovative growth and informatization in the telecommunications sector of the Ukrainian economy is justified. The arguments to support feasibility and advantages of implementing trunk telecommunication networks are provided.

Ecological innovations in Ukraine

Opportunities of introducing ecological innovations in Ukraine directed at development, creation and implementation of innovations in the form of new products, technology, methods, and  forms  of  production  organization  are  analyzed.  It  is  proved  that  such  innovations implementation  will  help,  directly  or  indirectly,  reduce  the  eco-destructive  effect  of manufacturing and consumption on the environment as well as solve ecological problems.