digital technologies

Theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities

Purpose of the research objective is to develop and substantiate the theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities, taking into account the most effective approaches and techniques for collecting, analyzing, processing, and visualizing spatial data. The methodology includes using modern technologies to create accurate and informative interactive maps that provide not only the physical location of the objects but also detailed information, including textual, illustrative materials, graphical data, and 3D models. Results.

Development tendencies and prospects for the activation of sales of entities in the insurance market of Ukraine

Research shows that during 2018–2021, positive changes were observed in the market of insurance products in Ukraine, although the number of insurance companies has constantly decreased in recent years. The conducted analysis enabled a trend toward the growth of net insurance premiums and net insurance payments in Ukraine.

Digitalization and its role in ukrainian enterprise activities

This article examines the concept of digitalization and its implementation at an enterprise in order to increase its competitiveness on the market. A content analysis of the term “digitalization” was carried out. Under his own vision of the term “digitalization” is understood the process of using, systematizing, and processing incoming information in a digital format and as a result of improving customer service in the business environment.


The article investigates the methodological aspects of the management process in the field of the logistics customer services in terms of improving its digitalization potential. The phenomenon of digitalization has been studied insufficiently and, according to some foreign authors, it has significant potential for development from the theoretical perspective.

Legislative regulation of the implementation and of the use of the digital technologies in the provision of administrative services

The article is devoted to the interpretation of the regulation and the introduction of digital
technologies in the field of administrative services. The article analyzes the laws and by-laws that
regulate the use of digital technologies in the field of administrative services. The problematic aspects of
the legislative system development are suggested. The legal regulation of the providing of electronic
services and the role of Administrative Service Centers in this process are investigated. The quality of