administrative proceedings

The role of a judge in the conciliation procedure of the parties in the administrative judiciary of Ukraine and EU member states

The article analyzes the place and role of the judge in the procedure of conciliation of the parties in the administrative proceedings of Ukraine and the EU Member States. It is established that in Ukraine there is a simple model of the subjective composition of conciliation of the parties in administrative proceedings, which is characterized by certain elements of a relatively complex model of the relevant subject composition (the judge encourages the parties to try to reconcile, but does not provide them with certain options to be considered).

Administrative and legal restoration of citizens rights and freedoms in Ukraine

Restoration of violated rights and freedoms of individuals and legal entities is closely linked to their protection and protection, through the implementation of tasks defined in Articles 1 and 9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine, and Article 2 of the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine, which testifies to the democratic constitutional principles of development of the legal system of Ukraine with the use of administrative and restorative measures.

The main tasks of administrative proceedings of Ukraine

The task of the administrative proceedings is to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals, the rights and interests of legal persons in public relations from violations of state authorities, local self-government, their officers and employees, other subjects during the exercise of their management functions on the basis of legislation, including delegated responsibilities through fair, impartial and timely consideration of administrative cases.