Public control in the process of democratization of the judicial system of Ukraine

The article attempts to reveal the essence of public control as a factor in the democratization of the judiciary in Ukraine. It has been found that public control is an essential factor in the democratization of any institution. It is proved that active public control over the judiciary can be a significant impetus to create an efficient and fair judiciary, ensure openness and transparency of the judiciary, which in turn will increase public confidence in the judiciary.

Legal system of jurisdiction the US Supreme Court

On the basis of a thorough analysis of the existing historiographical base, the legal
system of jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court is analyzed. The US Supreme Court has been
found to be the first court in certain categories of cases and to appeal in federal cases. The
current U.S. Supreme Court only deals with a petition from a party or other interested party
in the order of a certifier, and federal and state Supreme Courts can refer to it if they need a
competent interpretation of federal law in the certification procedure. The analysis of

Justice as a part of the right

The article deals with the correlation of the concepts of “right” and “justice”. The peculiarities of their application are investigated. A literary analysis of these concepts is carried out on the subject: identities; identification of differences, the establishment of regularities during their use in legal proceedings and the legal weight of each of them.

Representation of interests citizens and states in the court of conditions european integration of Ukraine

The article analyzes the legislative consolidation of the representation function of the procurator of the interests of a citizen or state in a court in the countries of the CIS and the European Union. The changes in the grounds and procedure for the execution by the prosecutor of representative activities in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Prosecutor's Office” of October 14, 2014 are considered.

Effective development and functioning of the market of medical services in the conditions of globalization and integration processes in health

The author clarified the concept of “medical service” identified the characteristics and features of medical services. Define the role and place of health services in the health system. It is proved that an important condition for the development of medical services market in Ukraine is strengthening the innovation capacity of the health system.

Theoretical aspects of functioning of public associations are in Ukraine

The article is devoted the problems of functioning of such institute of domestic civil society as public associations, because they are the societies closely associated with the political system and play an important role in becoming of democracy, defence of rights and freedoms of citizens.

Civil society development in accordance with the requirement of the european institutional action

The article analyzes the development of Ukrainian civil society in accordance with the requirements of European institutional progress. It is found out that under the rule of law state power becomes the most important tool by which civil society provides optimal conditions for self-development. It is in this context that the state acts as a public-power institution that manages civil society as a whole and is called upon to act in the general interest.

Organizational and legal print participation of citizen in the boundaries of ocran state borders of Ukraine

In the article the legal regulation and the possible forms of participation of citizens in the
protection of the state border of Ukraine. This activity is analyzed on the basis of the existing
administrative legislation. The features to attract people to the protection of the state border
as part of the state bodies and public associations