Essential characteristics of the Ukrainian economy internationalization

In the current global economic system businesses normally operate in many geographic
markets and therefore the study of the key problems of business internationalization, such as an
enterprise entering a foreign market or foreign market presence activities is very relevant at the
In this article, we systematize different approaches used by international and local
researchers to reveal the essence of “internationalization” category as well as their own
definition of “internationalization”. We also examine actual status and the dynamics of

Features of the enterprise logistics-based organizational and structural development in the globalized environment

The paper describes the features of the organizational and structural development of enterprises with the in-depth study of the logistics integration option. The globalization process is presented as a precondition of cooperation between the market contractors. The effect of globalization on the processes and phenomena in the world economy is examined. The basic problem areas that emerge during the creation and operation of the integrated communities are analyzed. Positive factors of integration are shown.

Funding of innovations in the agricultural sector of Ukraine under conditions of sustainable development model

The necessity of improving the model of innovations funding in the agrarian sector of Ukraine with the account of globalization processes is proven. The model constructed by the rule of «the golden sequence» is proposed.

Features organizational and structural development of the enterprise on the basis of logistics in the globalized environment

The paper describes the features of the organizational and structural development of enterprises with the in-depth study of the option of logistics integration. The globalization process is presented as a precondition of the strategy of cooperation between market counterparties. The influence of globalization processes and phenomena on the world economy is considered.

Factors of logistics development at the present stage of market transformations

The article substantiates the necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine. The results of research into external factors having impact on the development of logistics allowing for globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life are exposed. A generalized ordering of the most significant factors influencing the logistics development is performed.

Problems of human behavior in the noosphere

This article explores anthropological and legal problems of philosophy of man. It is proved that part of the biosphere increasingly generates conventional sphere of human activity – the noosphere. As a result, ontologically grounded human intellectual activity manifested proactive transition of the biosphere into the noosphere. The author considers the global

Problems of legal regulation of the status of minors in the modernization of society

The paper addresses the problemof the legal status of minors. Particular attention is focused on the variables of the legal and social reality caused by transformation and globalization issues. The features of prerogative factors modernization of the legal status of minors.

Communication in the right: the problem intercultural communication

We consider communication as a philosophical category in the light of its entry into the legal status of the communication between the Western tradition of law and national law. 
It is noted that legal communication – a natural process, a social phenomenon, caused by the intensification of economic and political development of society and certain anthropological qualities rights. 120 Corporate communication is seen as dialohovist between proper and perfect in the formulation and application of the law in modern bipolar world.

International labor migration: causes and consequences for economy

The article explores the concept and content migration, its essential features. Revealed factors that contribute to the formation of modern labor migration. Author analyzed the effects of migration on the development of national economies, and focuses on the problematic issues raised by labor migration for Ukraine.

The impact of globalization on the formation of migration flows

The article is devoted to research of problems of labour migration in the conditions of globalization which plays or not major role in modern international motion of population. Instead, the globalization, in opinion of analysts, is appropriate and inevitable and she needs to be adopted such, which she is formed.