Development of Exports of Knowledge-intensive Services as a Catalyst for Innovation

At the present stage, the knowledge-intensive services sector is one of the key drivers of the global knowledge-based economy. Knowledge-intensive services cover a wide range of market, finan- cial, high-tech, social and other services based on the knowledge and experience of highly qualified specialists. This type of services acts as a catalyst for innovation activities of organizations based on an organic combination of production processes, research and development activities and consumer needs.

Substantiation of the model of innovation activities of the system of public authorities: conceptual bases

Using methodological provision for rational decision-making technology, systems and systems activity approaches, the structure of the innovative activity aimed at updating the effectiveness of the system of public authorities is grounded. Besides, this type of activity is presented as an open system combining the set of internal and external components: the first ones are formed by interacted innovation activities of system-wide, functional and instrumental levels; the second ones include resources, opportunities and favorable preconditions as well as basic types and means of maintenance.


Residential architecture has one of the most conservative styles based on its specifics. However, today this type of architecture seeks to actively respond to changes in the modern world. These changes are caused by multiple factors, among them are: technological and information progress; lack of resources and environmental pollution; military conflicts and population migration etc.

Legal policy in the field innovation and intellectual property

The article explores the legal policy of innovation and intellectual property. The necessity of innovative development of Ukraine as one of the main factors of socio-economic development is substantiated. The approaches to defining the essence of the category of innovative activity are analyzed and the problems of legal regulation of innovative deliberation in the context of intellectual activity while ensuring the innovative development of the country and regions are identified.


In the face of global challenges, which are constantly and sometimes sufficiently monitored as a result of increased competition in foreign markets, there is a need for a qualitatively new acceleration of the development of the Ukrainian economy and a double growth of the domestic gross product through the use of modern scientific and technological advancements, on an innovative basis.

Innovative development in the field of electronic business

This paper concerns itself with innovative development in the field of electronic business and commerce, elaborating on theoretical concepts and their specific application. main factors influencing new developments in electronic commerce are defined. Proposed innovative development approches are based on analysis of domestic and foreign electronic commerce best practices. Specific proposals are put forth to improve managerial decision-making effectiveness pertaining to general oversight and human resource management.

Development of industrial enterprises by streamlining their staff

The article highlights the importance of modernization of enterprises in the conditions of  rapid scientific and technological progress and fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets. It is shown that only entrepreneurs can effectively function that modernizes its material base, especially technological equipment. It impossible to apply the latest technology using the old and worn-out equipment.

Modernization of industrial enterprises as an important precondition of their competitive potential development

An attempt is made to analyze and generalize the effect of main organizational and technical as well as economic factors which can accelerate increase of competitiveness of the industrial production potential of Ukraine. Their content and scope of influence in the dynamic conditions of scientific and technical progress acceleration and hard competition are described.