internally displaced persons

Internally displaced persons as a special object of social protection in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the study of certain issues related to the social protection of internally displaced persons in Ukraine through the prism of security and economic aspects, which are the main ones for this category of persons. It is emphasized that the issues of migration processes throughout all the years of Ukraine's independence were quite acute for our state.

Main population groups requiring social protection during wartime conditions

In the contemporary geopolitical context, Ukraine faces unprecedented challenges that demand specific approaches to the social protection of the most vulnerable population groups under wartime conditions. This article addresses the key aspects of legal and social assistance to three primary categories: internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees, war veterans and combat participants, and families of those killed in combat.

Protection of the rights and legal interests of children during the war in Ukraine

It was found out that in Ukraine, the issue of protecting the rights and interests of children was given considerable attention even before the war. Starting from the formation of juvenile prevention to educational reforms - all measures were aimed at forming a complete personality of the future generation.

Forced migration: international standards of internally displaced persons in the national legislation

The article addresses the problem of compliance of national legislation with international
standards regarding the protection of rights and interests of internally displaced persons,
dwells upon the differentiation of international standards regarding internally displaced
persons and refugees, substantiates the need for a cross-section of international law in the
national legislation of each country to ensure a maximally consistent approach in designation
of rights and freedoms of all persons in a democratic society.

Implementation of the right to education of internal transful persons

The article examines the problems of implementing the right to education of children who are internally displaced persons. The analysis of legislative acts of Ukraine in the realization of the right to education of internally displaced persons is carried out. The scope of problems faced by IDPs and territorial communities in the realization of the right to education is outlined.