Peculiarities of the human rights protection mechanism in criminal proceedings

Adequate legal protection in the criminal process plays a leading role, as it is an
extremely important and obligatory element of state and public development, and serves as the
basis for the formation of a democratic rule of law and civil society. Building a rule of law is
impossible without respecting the guarantees of human rights protection, without providing a
clear mechanism for the functioning of such a specific democratic institution, such as the bar.
The value of legal institutions that are called upon to protect human rights is growing

Concept, content and place of compatibility in the activities of the lawyer

The article is devoted to the review of the notion of the principle of adversarialism and
the proof of a reasonable relationship between the competition principle, the equality of the
parties and the activity of the court in order to ensure equality of evidence of the parties’
capabilities, which should be in line with the tendencies towards the socialization of the
functions of justice.

Principles of the lawyeras the basic basis of the activities of the advocate self government

Principles  of  advocacy  have  an  indisputable  significance  to  characterize  the  functional 
and  organizational  foundations  of  the  advocacy,  as  they  are  the  basic  principles  defining  the 
essence  of  advocacy  and  advocacy.  Advocacy  principles  allow  to  explore  the  functional  and 
organizational  foundations  of  the  advocacy  through  the  system  of  ideas  enshrined  in  the 
legislation,  each  of  which  reflects  a  certain  specific  the  beginning,  and  collectively 

Legal nature of the office in the system of protection of human rights and freedom sand the citizen

In  civilized  democratic  states,  an  advocate  is  an  integral  factor  in  the  legal  system  and 
the  main  non-state  institution  for  the  protection  of  the  individual,  his  rights  and  freedoms. 
Thus,  the  lawyer,  in  the  fullest  sense  of  the  word,  defines  the  right  to  legal  protection  or  legal 
assistance  provided  by  lawyers  to  those  in  need.  Advocacy  is  an  extremely  important 
instrument  of  democracy,  because  in  essence  it  is  the  organization  of  professional  advocates 

Мethodological approaches to the disclosure extremes in professional lawyer's activities

The multidimensionality of the research process as a whole, expressed in the presence of many directions or lines in the research of that or other phenomenon of reality. These lines are part of the totality of creative process, is one that is carried out, among other things, by analyzing the system of knowledge that exists in a particular field of science.

Existence legal aid as a philosophical-legal phenomenon

The article analyzes the concept of “legal assistance”, discussed the philosophical and legal foundation of its existence, the basis of which laid the claim that a person who adheres to the norms of morality in daily life, according to adhere to and the requirements of the law, because it is based on universal values, developed by throughout the existence of human norms, which are the first regulators of social life.

Strategist, leader and lawyer: projection on the present (to the 75 anniversary since the death of Konstantin Levitsky)

The article is dedicated to outstanding historical figures of the late XIX – early XX century, the representative of the secular intelligentsia of Galicia, which has managed to organize educational rights movement and Galician politics; head of the West Ukrainian People's Republic, the author of nearly fifty scientific papers, publisher of the magazine “Legal magazine” originator “German-Ukrainian Legal dictionary,” the author of “History of Political Thought 1848–1914 Ukrainian Galician. Based on the records and documents “and others.

Argumentation theory: the basic philosophical and legal aspects

In communicative practice has often faced with a situation, when it is necessary not only to have a clear idea of the true state of affairs, but also it follows objectively to demonstrate, what exactly it is considered to be true, that demonstrate the intellectual possibility to prove opponents or senders the rightness of the position by an argumentation, method of reasoning and communication. To feel themselves secure in such situation, the necessary knowledge of the theory of argumentation – the field of philosophical knowledge.

Art of disputes or eristic: scope and history

World in that live, work, contact et cetera, too complicated. And the fate of many people
contacts to a full degree with that, as far as they are able to organize a dialogue in the different
spheres of life, in science and politics, between batchwises, associations, representatives of
different ethnoss, between believers and atheists, between parents and children, between power
and citizens, between rich and poor and others like that