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One of the most important ecological problems of the XXI century is the change in the global climate. Over the past decade, as a result of human activity, the concentration of gases forming the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is increasing. This leads to devastating consequences for the planet Earth and makes the problem of climate change one of the most important in the field of environmental protection.

Development of mathematical model of ball mill on the basis of the obtained experimental data

Aim. Experimental study of main technological parameters of a ball mill during coal milling at a thermal power plant and development of a mathematical model for the mill on the basis of the obtained data. Method. Based on the analysis of the energy flows in the ball mill the relation between the vibration energy of the mill body and the amount of the material in the mill is defined. Experimental study, i.e.

Modeling Synchronous Machines Overexitation Limiters to Analyze Power System Stability

This article surveys the modeling aspects of modern excitation systems for synchronous machines that is used to analyze power system stability. We presented peculiarities of over excitation limiter mathematical model and tested their performance for real power stations.

Computer-Aided System for Monitoring and Planning of Actions to Increase Machine-Building Enterprises Energy Efficiency

The article describes mathematical model of analyses the energy use costs efficiency (depending on the type and volume of products produced by the machine-building enterprise, the consumption of certain types of energy resources and their use in specific production processes, etc.). Methodology and mathematical model of the plan for modernization of industrial production energy-consuming processes has been developed.

Application of Liquid Extraction for Treatment of Wastewater from Edible Oils Production

The structure of an emulsion formed in wastewater from edible oils production has been investigated. The type of emulsifier has been determined and the method of emulsion destruction has been proposed, providing further quality treatment of wastewater via liquid-extraction method. The resulting equilibrium and operating lines of the process were received. The number of transfer stages has been determined. The mathematical model of liquid-extraction wastewater treatment was built.

Mathematical modeling in thermomechanics of electroconductive bodies under the action of the pulsed electromagnetic fields with modulation of amplitude

A mathematical model of description and a method for determining the thermostressed state of non-ferromagnetic electroconductive bodies under the influence of external unsteady electromagnetic fields of pulsed type are proposed.  Such fields have the character of a regime with amplitude modulation under the action of pulse modulated signal and are widely used in technologies of magnetic pulsed processing electroconductive materials.  This model is the development of well-known models for quasi-steady and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  As an example, the results of investigation of the ther


The influence of nitrogen oxides on the СО2 uptake rate by chlorophyll-producing microalgae of Chlorella type was investigated. Experimental dependences of microalgae concentration growth over time under certain values of nitrogen oxides concentration in the culture medium were obtained. The mathematical model of microalgae biomass growth depending on nitrogen oxides concentration was developed. Based on the solution of the mathematical model and the obtained experimental data, the concentration of nitrogen oxides for the maximal microalgae growth was determined.

Intellectual Analysis of Transformation Process of the Algebra Algorithm Formulas

The processes of transforming the algorithm algebra formulas are described. The algorithm for calculation of geometrical parameters of unithrams is given. Synthesized, minimized, built a mathematical model and investigated the algorithm of the transformation process of algebra algorithm formulas.