mathematical model

Modelling and quality of diagnostic systems monitoring

The example of improvement of the mathematical model of monitoring of difficult objects of technique and medicine with the low level of dynamics of processes is examined. The article of researches is normative documents, which should be expediented to specify and perfect on the basis of thein formation, got as a result of analysis of results, mathematical models of monitoring of difficult objects of technique, medicine got with a help with the low level of dynamics of processes.

Analysis of boundary conditions of efficiency for immitance measuring transducers based on operational amplifiers

Development of specialized portable measurement tools for impedance spectroscopy is quite challenging and up-to-date technical task. Portable impedance analyzers are required to satisfy certain criteria among which the most important are the following: stability of metrological characteristics of measurement channel over a wide frequency range, high dynamics, fast frequency sweep and the probe signal with appropriate step as well as high resolution of impedance/admittance measurement results. Autobalancing circuits are widely used in impedance analyzers design.

Adaptive Radio Resources Management Considering Noiseimmunity Conditions

Operation of radio communication systems for special purposes (FSA SP) in practice is random in terms of various factors, some of which are codified in standards, and some — previously known. Specificity of modern shipyard JV determines the need to manage their operations in terms of parametric uncertainty as facility management and signaling uncertainty of external influences. So the challenge is the analysis and consideration of uncertainty arising from the operation of such a complex hierarchical system as the FSA SP.

Intelligent Analysis of Data Structures and Mathematical Software of Formulas Editor

This article is about determination of process of adaptation, data structure of algorithms editor. Mathematical model of data structure of algorithms editor, hierarchical-modular construction principle of editor, of adaptation process and expanding and collapsing processes were synthesized, minimized and built.

Development of Model of Integral Fire Risk Management By Correlation-Registration Analysis

This work is devoted to the construction of a mathematical model for controlling integral fire risk using correlation-regression analysis. On the basis of previous work, work is ongoing on developing a risk management method. For this purpose, the second cluster, which includes the Kharkiv region, was analyzed.


The article deals with mathematical modeling of non-stationary processes non-periodic pressure of the fluid in cylindrical tubes. Based on the Navier-Stokes equations for compressible fluid withdrawn simplified equation for the case of long pipes. It is shown that modeling of single processes, these equations contain only one dimensionless parameter. Identifies conditions which may further simplify these equations to a form that does not contain a dimensionless parameter.

Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of DPKr-2 Diesel Train on Straight Sections of Railway Track

The increase in motion speed of the trains moving along certain routs changes the operational conditions and interaction of the rolling stock and the track, and requires the solution of important issues related to the specifications of their maintenance, since there occur additional dynamic loads.

Internet Information Retrieval, Parallel Sorting, and Rank-Order Filtering Based on Dynamical Neural Circuits of Maximal Value Signal Identification Among Discrete-Time Signals

The design of mathematical models and corresponding functional block-diagrams of discrete-time neural networks for Internet information retrieval, parallel sorting, and rankorder filtering is proposed. The networks are based on the discrete-time dynamical K-winnerstake-all (KWTA) neural circuits which can identify the K largest from N input signals, where 1£ < K N is a positive integer. Implementation prospects of the networks in an up-to date digital hardware are outlined.

Mathematical simulation of hight-temperature drying of wood

The article implemented mathematical modelling of processes of heat-mass-transfer and viscous-elastic deformation in in hygroscopic capillary-porous materials with variable anisotropic heat and mechanics characteristics what is of importance for the rational choice and substantiation of energy conservative technologies of timber drying under the conditions of necessary qualitative production providing.