mathematical model

Mass Exchange Dynamics During the Second Filtration Drying Period

The work is dedicated to theoretical and experimental investigations of kinetics and dynamics of filtration drying of capillary and pore materials, and mineral granulated fertilizers, in particular. The proposed physical model of a moist particle and the differential system of equations which describes heat exchange in the second drying period enables to determine the transfer velocity of mass-exchange zone in a dispersion layer of the material during filtration drying.

Mathematical model of rheological behavior of silica suspension in hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose solution

A mathematical model of rheological behavior of silica suspension in hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose solution was investigated. The model takes into account the friction between particle aggregates, particle aggregates and macromolecules in solution and between macromolecules in solution as well as the formation of well ordered layers contained solid particles, adsorbed macromolecules and macromolecules in the holes between particles in aggregates at the large shear rates.

Statics and kinetics of ammonium nitrogen sorption on natural zeolite under periodic conditions

Statics and kinetics of ammonium nitrogen absorption on natural zeolite were investigated experimentally under periodic conditions. A mathematical kinetics model was developed and a counterion diffusion coefficient was defined. The influence of phosphate compounds and protein on equilibrium and a rate of ammonium ion sorption was investigated

Kinetic Regularities of the Processes of Accumulation and Destruction of Microorganisms in Water at Bubbling of the Different Gases

Kineticі of microorganisms accumulation (the first stage) and destruction (the second stage) in water dispersion in the air atmosphere and at bubbling of oxygen, argon and helium has been investigated. The accumulation of microorganism takes place in oxygen and in the air atmosphere at the first stage. The microorganisms destruction was observed at bubbling of the system by argon, helium during the whole process, however, in the air atmosphere and oxygen – in the second stage. 

Mathematical Modelling of Continuous Formation of Multilayer Humic-Mineral Solid Components

A mathematical model of continuous granulation process of solid multilayer humic-mineral composites in the fluidized bed unit intended for liquid industrial wastes utilization with obtaining of complex granular fertilizers for environmentally safe agriculture was developed and the stabilization terms of the dispersion composition were defined.

Mathematical Model of Mass Transfer from Lamina of the Leaf into Extractant

A mathematical model of mass transfer from lamina (plant leaf) into the extractant is constructed considering its anatomical organization in particular the existence of cellular and intercellular space. Its solution allows to predict kinetics of the extraction process of the whole leaves at its implementation in practice.

Treatment of Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Chloride by Nonequilibrium Low Temperature Plasma

The kinetics of chemical transformations in water solutions of sodium chloride under conditions of plasma processing in gas-liquid periodic plasma-chemical reactor of blending was studied. The mathematical model including stages of oxidation of water molecules and chlorides-ions as well as stages of decomposing of metasable products of chemical transformations was offered.