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Методика розрахунку прямотечійного та протитечійного екстракторів для екстрагування цільових компонентів з шару пористих структур

This paper is devoted to the method of extraction unit calculation of periodical action for direct flow and return flow of extraction processes based on an analysis of the kinetics of extraction of components of the porous structures of minerals and seeds plant material under a constant driving force. Запропонована методика розрахунку прямотечійного та протитечійного екстракторів безперервної дії на основі аналізу кінетики екстрагування цільових компонентів з пористих структур мінеральної сировини та насіння рослинної сировини в умовах постійної рушійної сили. 

Mathematical model of elements of automated system of loose materials dosing

Automatic dosing system for loose materials is widely used in construction, food and pharmaceutical industries to prepare various mixtures. The main criterion for optimization of such systems is the accuracy of dosing of each component of the mixture, which depends on the speed component dosing and other process factors. Technological requirements for product quality in production and the high cost of individual components of the mixture strictly regulate the developers of the automated system loose materials size dosing errors.

Дослідження впливу довжини світлової хвилі на динаміку поглинання вуглекислого газу хлорофілсинтезуючими мікроводоростями

Досліджено вплив довжини світлової хвилі на швидкість поглинання вуглекис-
лого газу мікроводоростями. Описано механізм транспорту вуглекислого газу із повітря
у внутрішнє середовище клітини мікроводорості. На основі математичної моделі
приросту мікроводоростей визначено коефіцієнт приросту. Отримано аналітичну залеж-
ність коефіцієнта приросту мікроводоростів від довжини світлової хвилі. Встановлено
оптимальні довжини світлових хвиль для проектування технологічних схем

Pipeline pressure distribution finding methods

The method of solving problems of mathematical physics, in particular for calculating a non-stationary gas flow in pipelines, is proposed in this article on the basis of the biorthogonal polynomial constructed by the authors. The method of solving the problem by means of the separation of variables in the base of biorthogonal polynomials is investigated. The analytical-approximate and approximate solutions of the problem as the sum of some biorthogonal and quasi-spectral polynomials are found.

Models of mass transfer in gas transmission systems

The models of gas movement in pipelines and gas filtration processes in complex porous media are considered in entire and fractional derivatives. The method for linearization of equations, which are included in the mathematical model of mass transfer, is suggested as well as an iterative scheme for solving initial systems of nonlinear differential equations is constructed. The finite-element model of the problem with the use of the Petrov-Galerkin method and Grunwald-Letnikov scheme concerning derivatives of the fractional order are implemented.

Methodology for Improving Mathematical Model of Ultrasonic Flowmeter to Study Its Error at Distorted Flow Structure

The paper presents a methodology for improving mathematical model of ultrasonic flowmeter (USM) results through the application of CFD simulation along with experimental reference data on measured consumption. On the basis of the proposed methodology, USM errors research method in terms of distortion of the flow structure has been developed. Using the proposed methodology mathematical model of two-path chordal USM has been improved and its study in terms of distortion of the flow structure after seven types of fittings has been conducted.

Адаптивний синтез формул абстрактних алгоритмів

This article is about determination adaptation processes of algorithms formulas. The adaptation algorithm of formulas is resulted. Synthesized, minimized, and built mathematical model and probed adaptation algorithm of operation base sign.

Формальна модель подання знань у системі онтологічного моделювання задач

In this paper we propose a formalization of ontology-based task execution modeling system. It is built using approach of algebraic systems theory. We show that proposed algebraic system is based on multiple domains, which can be used for ontological models representation and knowledge elucidation, storage and processing

Моделі оптимальних інформаційних систем на двовимірних комбінаторних конфігураціях

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of vector data information technologies (e.g. 2D vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the Ideal Ring Bundles (IRB)s.

Mathematical models of investment in field of information technology

This article examines a question of basic factors that affect the efficiency of IT investments. Structural components and the effect on investment were investigated. A multi objective model of investment allocation in IT for the period and election of the initial date of investment was proposed. The methods for making decision and elaborated recommendations for using these methods were analysed.