national identity

The phenomenon of the nation and naciogenesis in the context of (national) state formation

The issues of the nation's phenomenon are covered, in particular, the definitions of this concept prevailing in modern legal science. The opinion is expressed that they are reduced to some of its most common meanings as identical to the concept of the population of the state; as an ethno-social community characterized by the inseparable unity of socio-economic and cultural characteristics; as all citizens of the state, regardless of their (national or social) origin, language and / or religion.

Perspectives of the state building and Ukrainian national idea in the works of Ivan Franko

Ivan Franko’s thoughts on the topic of the Ukrainian national idea and perspectives of Ukrainian statehood in the early twentieth century were researched. The material of the journalistic heritage clarifies the views of Ivan Franko on the essence of the Ukrainian national idea and the means of its realization, in particular, the role of the young generation in consolidating all national-patriotic forces in the struggle for the independence and unity of Ukraine.

Formation the national idea as a basis for prevention of development of corruption in ukrainian society

The article analyzed the concept of national idea as the basis for the formation of national identity, and a factor preventing the development of corruption in Ukraine. The author substantiated that the national idea — a strategic goal, which is formed historically and aims to unite the country into a single nation, forms a single coordinate of values.


Understanding the tradition, innovation and national identity of examples of wooden temple buildings, in particular, Ukrainian churches, certain trends are identified, which in their essence become the main ones, regarding the intensity of development in temple construction. The factors of tradition and innovation are identified as important mediums for establishing the national identity of the image of wooden temple buildings, and their expression in the modern temple-building process of creating a Christian shrine.

Ontology of creation Ukrainian national attributes in sacred architecture of Galicia

У статті зроблено спробу підсумувати досвід пошуків та утвердження українських національних атрибутів у сакральній архітектурі Галичини рубежу ХІХ–ХХ ст., в якому ключову роль відіграла творчість архітектора Василя Нагірного. Окреслено основні прийоми, розроблені галицькими архітекторами того часу, для вираження української національної, конфесійної та культурно-цивілізаційної ідентичності.

Gymnasium Education of Yevhen Konovalets

The article researched the complete secondary education of Yevhen Konovalets. It was explored that he raised the universal values, skills and abilities of the subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and what else formed the national identity. We received an educational portrait of E. Konovalets, which is typical for almost everyone who influenced and determined with him historical processes in the Ukrainian lands in the 1910s—1930s. Especially when it comes to the link of secondary education — the gymnasium, as well as with the Ukrainian language of instruction.

Inter-race as an expression of law of the ukrainian people to own their national identity and statehood (last quarter XVI – first half XVII centuries)

Inter-confessional factor is seen as a form of social and political struggle of contemporary intellectuals for defending the rights of the Ukrainian people for their national identity and national statehood. It is noted that during the polemic fighting the concept "Rus" (that is- Ukrainian) and "Orthodoxy" acquire the same meaning. There is an opinion that the idea of the rule in the Ukrainian society of the spiritual power -of power of the Orthodox Church was only possible in conditions of contemporary form of the national state.