territorial community

The Essential Characteristics of the Main Concepts of the Categorical Apparatus of Work Safety Management in Territorial Communitie

Workplace safety management in territorial communities is of great importance for ensuring the safety and health of workers at the local community level. In order to prevent accidents and deterioration of health, effective work safety management is essential, involving a systematic approach to the identification, assessment, and control of risks associated with working conditions and processes.


This article presents an alternative approach to strategic planning for the development of territorial communities. The essence of this method is an integral approach by the territorial community to the use of available resources necessary for its development with differential planning of specific operational tasks for a specific time.

An urbanized system is considered as a spatial, hierarchically structured functional system. Strategic planning is based on the principles of organization and development of systems through their resources, processes and structure.

Principles of financial support for the development of territorial communities in Ukraine

Problem setting. Formation of effective local self-government, which would be in line with the basic principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, is one of the most important and, at the same time, complex issues of Ukraine’s development as a democratic state. It is well known that the key element of local self-government is territorial communities which efficiency influences the development of the country.

Foreign experience in land management to ensure the development of a territorial community

Problem setting. The peculiarities of the foreign experience are considered regarding the land resourses management of the territorial community. The role of the country in ensuring the rational use of land resources of the territorial community is shown. The main guarantees of effective management and rational use of land resources are pointed out.


Analysis of the urbanized territories of historic cities has been made and
their impact on development of monuments of architecture and archeology, in particular
defense structures of the Scythian era, has been evaluated. The monuments specific features
and status, the level of communities’ responsibility for their preservation and adaptation to
future use have been discussed. Concrete examples of resolving the said issues at the local level
are given. The main lines of further development of communities, located in the zone adjacent

Analysis of the State of Territorial Communities to Model Their Socio-Economic Development

The problems of development of united territorial communities, in particular unemployment and economic problems, are considered. Communities, in most cases, lack the resources to address economic and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to create self-sufficient communities in which there are enough financial instruments for their own development. The mathematical model of the decision support system for the development of territorial communities using the agro-industrial sector was considered.

Methods Andmeans of Development of Territorial Communities in the Direction of Repairing Roads

The article deals with the modeling of the repair of the roads of the territorial community in the presence of funds and depending on the state of roads. To simulate the proposed search method using the minimum spanning tree algorithm based on modified Prima. Examples of the use of the proposed approach within the framework of the Khodoriv territorial communities are presented.

Constitutional aspects of the regulation of territorial community status as the primary unit in the system of local self-government

The status of territorial community is determined as the primer subject of local selfgovernment. Various approaches of comprehension of territorial community are presented in domestic science. The scope and modes of consolidation of territorial community constitutional statute are investigated using the example of separate countries which are the members of the European Union.