Police before and during the Russian -Ukrainian war of 2022

: 240-250

Chystokletov L. Police before and during the Russian -Ukrainian war of 2022.

Professor of the Department of Administrative-legal disciplines of Educational-scientific institute of law and psychology

The article is devoted to the theoretical and legal characteristics of the essence of the police in the period of its reform and highlighting of certain positions of its official duties performance in the Russian-Ukrainian invasive war. The legal analysis of the main conditions and reasons is carried out according to which the qualitative reorganization of the organizational and legal essence of the police has been slowed down.

​It is found out that the main reasons for non-implementation of the police improvement program are that the reformist ideas aimed at updating the patrol police functioning did not cover the entire system of its activities, primarily the investigative and operational staff of regional departments and their insufficient interaction with the police units and the public, as well as unsatisfactory re-certification of police officers, the content of the main principles of which was deprived of legislative consolidation, which has led to their mass appeal and protest.

​In addition to these negative trends, the police have achieved some positive results in some positions aimed at reforming certain special units such as the Special Police Patrol Service – capable of universal professional service, ranging from the security police functions to the assault operations and the Rapid Operational Response Unit, the main tasks of which are related to the protection of public order, the evacuation of civilians and countering criminals and terrorists. The formation of cyber police is equally important in the police activity whose task is to combat cybercrime.

​Studying the police activities in the martial law since the first days of full-scale Russian aggression in 2022, it is proved that Ukrainian law enforcement officers together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine defiantly repel the criminal Russian attack, defending the life and health of the Ukrainians, protecting territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.

​It is stated that one of the important factors in the organizational and legal support of the police during the war is the concern of state authorities to improve their financial situation.

​It is proved that the main principles of the police reform concept should correspond to the real state of its resources, broad cooperation between security and defence forces, as well as finding ways to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens, the society and the state.

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