: 15-22
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The research analyzes the functioning and development of the Ukrainian media market in 2022 in the context of the global media business. The importance of this year's research is mainly due to two factors: 1) military events in Ukraine, which is geopolitically located in the center of Europe; 2) the continuing consequences of the Сovid-19 pandemic. These two factors have led to significant changes in the financial, political and economic structure of both the world and Ukraine. As a result, approaches to the functioning of global media giants have changed (introduction of innovations and actualization of priority areas of development in the media business). Currently, the greatest dynamics of development is observed in the sector of virtual reality and mobile games – PwC experts predict revenue growth of 19 % by 2026, and the value of the media industry will be almost $ 3 trillion. Based on the published analytical data, the article traces the trends in the development of the global media business in the context of the consequences of the war in Ukraine. In particular, it was found that in 2022 there are changes in social networks, which is associated with the purchase of Twitter, an emphasis on streaming, falling stock prices of leading media giants (Disney, Fox, CNN Warner Bros.Discovery, Paramount, Comcast, Roku), as well as staff cuts in media campaigns, which, accordingly, entails a significant increase in unemployment among the segment of media workers. The research also traces changes in the development of all segments of the Ukrainian media market in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war: print media, television, radio, advertising and social media. The dynamics of newspaper and magazine publishing in May-December 2022 is presented. The trends in the TV and radio market (the context of radio and television, the entry of new TV channels into the Ukrainian media TV space) are shown. The problems of the advertising market, which developed mainly in the digital sphere, which corresponds to general global trends, are analyzed. Attention is also paid to the state of the Ukrainian media business: the departure of media groups and the creation of new ones).


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