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Blogs are a common occurrence on the Internet. Blogs are available not only on special platforms, on the Internet, as well as on social networks. Initially, blogs appeared on the Internet on special blogging platforms, and subsequently Internet media launched blogs on their pages. Blogs are popular among the audience, they expand the mass media audience on the Internet, as well as increase traffic. When social networks appeared and became popular, many bloggers switched to new types of media. 77 Significant segments of the Ukrainian blogosphere are journalistic blogs. Many journalists are bloggers, because it gives them the opportunity to express their subjective opinion. These blogs are distinguished among others not only by their authors as journalists, but also by the fact that the published blogger’s text meets the basic principles of journalism: efficiency, professionalism, objectivity, balance of opinions, professional approach to writing material, etc. But despite the professional approach to covering the topic, they are still subjective and clearly highlight the position of the author. Therefore, it should be emphasized at once that bloggers, even journalists, are not journalists. Journalist blogs are not only available on social networks, but also on the pages of the Internet media and on blog platforms. Popular blogs of journalists have a great audience and popularity. The popularity of journalistic blogging is due, firstly, to freedom of speech, interactivity and convergence of media on the Internet. Since the author often acts as a collector of information, the author and editor, the material is published in its original form, without editorial editors, and with the ability to really express what is in the mind. It also enables the author to track the reaction of readers, respond to their comments and be open to new information. In this publication, we will list the classification of journalistic blogs, which was formed on the basis of research of blogs sponsored by journalists. Find out the prospects for their development and their specifics.

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