Use of zeolite in agriculture and environmental protection. A short review

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the possibility of the use of natural aluminosilicates in agriculture and environmental protection. Zeolites are a large group of (cluster silicates) aluminosilicate minerals with different chemical composition. Due to their unique physical and chemical properties (high sorption capacity and ion-exchange, ion-exchange selectivity and structural thermal stability), they can be used for example in the production of mineral fertilizers. Zeolites can also be used as a medium of the active substances i.e.

Natural zeolite-clinoptilolite characteristics determination and modification

The article is devoted to the preparation of adsorbents for polymer adsorption on their surface. Adsorption of polymers on the surface of adsorbents from a solution has been widely developed and received a great deal of attention in research works, which prove the topicality of its use in development of new composite materials and solve many problems concerning the polymers characteristics and properties. The adsorbents drawbacks, i.e. small specific surface area, diameter of the primary pores and their amounthave been determined.

Use of zeolite of the Sokyrnytsa deposit in engineering of environment

In the given article the theoretical bases of adsorption of typical contaminations of wastewaters are grounded. The review of literary data in relation to application of the klynoptylolite of Sokirnitsa deposit in engineering of environment is carried out. Experimental data of adsorption capacity of natural klynoptylolite are resulted. A mechanism and features of processes of adsorption in static terms is described. Conformities to the law of change of adsorption capacity in accordance to the parameters of molecules of adsorbate were observed.

Using of zeolite to clean the effluents of meat enterprises

Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises shows that processing of agricultural production is accompanied by consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization. Effectiveness of natural sorbents klynoptylolit use for removing of such pollutants as ammonium and phosphate ions and protein fractions was theoretically substantiated and proved.

Zeolites as structure formation hydrates of alkaline cements

The paper concerns analysis of theoretical and experimental studies, according to which, in conditions of artificial stone making for buildings purposes (cement, concrete), synthesis of alkaline aluminosilicates similar to natural minerals of zeolitic group occurs. Presence of such new formations in hydration products of standartized type alkaline cements provides their high running abilities and durability.

Influence of zeolite additive on the properties of plaster used for monumental salted walls

For the protection of walls against salt dampness various plasters and coatings are proposed. The plasters which presented the ability to transport the salt solution from the substrate, assuring the materials durability, are preferable in respect to traditional plasters such as cementplaster. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of natural zeolite additives in the production lime plasters meant for salted walls. This paper addresses the results of investigation of lime plaster with zeolites.

Одержання бутиладипінату у присутності активованих алюмосилікатів

The features of adipic acid esterification with 1-butanol in the presence of aluminosilicates activated with sulfuric acid as a catalyst have been studied. The optimal process conditions have been determined. The influence of a heterogeneous catalyst nature on the esterification proceeding has been defined. Досліджено закономірності естерифікації адипінової кислоти 1-бутанолом у при- сутності активованих сульфатною кислотою алюмосилікатів як каталізаторів. Визначено оптимальні умови процесу. Встановлено вплив природи гетерогенного каталізатора на перебіг естерифікації. 

Adsorption of oxypropionic acid by Sokyrnytske’s deposit clinoptilolite

The present article substantiates the theoretical bases lactic acid adsorption on mineral and carbon adsorbents. Monitoring of wastewater contaminated with wastes of dairy plants, estimation of quantities, peculiarities of wastes localization and estimation of toxicological impacts on the environment was carried out. The existing theoretical apparatus for adsorption processes description was analyzed. Adsorption process mechanism and methods for identification of experimental data in theoretical models was developed.

Дослідження будівельних розчинів з добавкою цеолітів

The paper investigates the impact of natural zeolite and air-entraining agent on the properties of mortar mixtures and hardened mortars of different functional application. It is shown that the introduction of natural zeolite slightly increase water demand of mortar mixtures and reduced segregation. Optimization of mortar mixture with the addition of zeolite and air-entraining agent was carried out. Graphical interpretation of obtained results reveals that the highest strength parameters show mortar containing 8 wt.% of zeolite and 0,1 wt.% of air-entraining agent.